A Guide To Buying Gifts For Vapers

A Guide To Buying Gifts For Vapers_Vaping Tips_Blog_Header Image | blu

We’ve all been there: minding your own business at work and starting on your second cup of coffee when you glance at the calendar and realize there’s only a few weeks left to find that perfect gift for someone you love.

If you’ve got a vaper in the family, trying to find the perfect gift for them can be tricky. You find yourself on an e-cigarette site and are suddenly confronted with an array of clearomizers, vaporizers, tanks, batteries, and so on. With so much terminology and all the different devices to process, it can get a little overwhelming.

blu is sympathetic to these struggles, so to help out we’ve put together a guide for non-vapers on what all the vaping terminology means and give you advice on what the most appropriate gifts for your friends and family might be.

Types of E-Cigarette

There are two types of e-cigarette – open and closed system e-cigs. These terms refer to how the e-liquid (which we will come onto later) is vaped. For more information on the differences between open and closed system e-cigarettes, take a look at our Explore Vaping section.

The best way to check which e-cig your partner, friend or family member has is to look on the side of the device. If the e-cig has a clear window on the side, then it’s an open system e-cigarette. the clear window is a part of the clearomizer, and only open system e-cigs use clearomizers.

blu E-Cigarette Comparison Chart | blu

The blu version of the open system e-cigarette is called the blu PRO™ Kit and comes with all the component parts needed and a bottle of Tobacco flavor blu® Liquid. The blu PRO™ offers a long, powerful vape with an intense flavor.

If your blu® e-cigarette does not have a clear window on its side, it’s a closed system e-cig. Some closed system e-cigs use tanks to hold the e-liquid and these can be unscrewed and detached from the device. The other type of closed system e-cig are disposable e-cigarettes, which have no removable parts and so cannot be taken apart; all the liquid is already contained within the e-cig. Checking whether the tank can be unscrewed or not is the easiest way to tell these two apart.

The blu PLUS+™ is our model of the closed system e-cigarette and is available either with a Rechargeable Case or with a compact USB charger. blu also offers a blu® Disposables range which has a variety of different flavors to choose from. The blu PLUS+™ and blu® Disposables ranges are more compact and ideal for on-the-go vapers.


E-liquid is the liquid inside an e-cigarette which is turned into vapor by an internal heating element. Without e-liquid, an e-cig cannot work, so it’s an important part of any vaping experience. E-liquid comes in a variety of flavors and strengths, all of which are explained in more detail here.

Identifying the flavor of e-liquid that your friend or family member uses is easy as it will be written clearly on the bottle. As for the nicotine strength, this amount is usually noted on the side of the bottle as a percentage. This value can vary from 0% (i.e. nicotine-free) to 2.4%. Nicotine strength can greatly affect a vaping experience, so if you need any assistance identifying e-liquid strength our Customer Care Team are always on hand to help you out.

Vapers are always in need of more e-liquid to add to their supply, so it can make a nice extra gift for the person you care about.


As with many other products, the various parts of e-cigarettes need replacing over time, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get a brand new e-cig. Sometimes you only need a new part, and that’s why we offer a number of these options to save vapers the hassle of buying multiple e-cigarettes in a short space of time.

For this reason we offer blu PLUS+™ batteries, blu PRO™ Clearomizers and blu PRO™ batteries. These products can be used to replace an old or broken part of an e-cigarette or act as a spare in case one of these parts is lost.

E-Cigarettes need to be charged, and as with your phone or laptop, chargers are all too easy to be misplaced or broken, and sometimes you’ll just need an extra one for work. We offer a number of different chargers to help vapers charge their e-cigarettes wherever they are. blu offers standard Wall Chargers and USB Chargers to suit vapers’ needs.

If you have any other questions about e-cigarettes, please check out our Customer Service section.

Five Vape Myths Debunked

A black and white image of a hand holding a blu e-cigarette with the glowing tip colored blue

E-cigs are still a relatively new technology, which means that people tend to be naturally skeptical of it – however, this has led to quite a few tall tales being told about e-cigs. We know, and you may too, that e-cigs also have positive attributes and it’s important to dispel some of the untruths which might discourage people from considering them. Here are just a few of the major e-cig myths that we feel the need to set the story straight on.

Myth 1: E-Cigarettes Explode

One of the most commonly repeated myths about e-cigarettes is that they are prone to explode, and can cause serious harm to users. While there have been incidents such as this, they have always been due to bootlegged products and amateur modifications made by users.

This has not happened with officially bought and rigorously tested e-cigarette products such as blu. The lithium ion batteries used in our products are very similar to those which are used in mobile phones, by millions of people around the world.

Myth 2: E-Cigarettes Taste Bad

Many smokers who hold out on making the switch to vaping do so because they are concerned that e-cigarettes will not provide them with the taste they need. Rest assured that our e-cigs certainly do not taste bad. You just need to find the flavor that suits your tastes, whether that is Tobacco, Menthol, or go for something a little less traditional such as Cherry or Berry Cobbler. Check out our range of flavors here.

Myth 3: Vaping Is A Gateway To Traditional Cigarettes

The sale of e-cigs is regulated, and it is illegal to sell to anyone under the age of 21. This means that the industry is actually based around encouraging those who already smoke traditional cigarettes to make the switch to vaping, not the other way round.

Myth 4: E-Liquid Contains Anti-Freeze

This is a common myth peddled by anti-vaping campaigners, but there is no real truth to it. Many modern e-liquid has something called propylene glycol as one of its main ingredients – this is a clear, non-corrosive liquid with very low toxicity.

It is true that this ingredient can also be found in anti-freeze, but that is because it will make it less harmful if swallowed. It is a common ingredient in many everyday foods too – it provides the soft texture to margarine, prevents ice crystals from ruining ice cream, and helps coffee beans absorb flavor during roasting.

Myth 5: Vaping looks weird

All things that are new can take time to bed into the culture, and become widely accepted by those who do not use them. That means that many will tell you that it looks weird, and will struggle to understand the shift to this new technology. Soon it will be the norm, so grab a stylish blu® e-cig and embrace the vaping revolution.

What Is Good Vaping Etiquette?

A black and white image of a man exhaling a cloud of vapor

E-cigarettes give vapers the opportunity to use their devices in places where smokers aren’t allowed to smoke cigarettes. But just because you’re allowed to vape, doesn’t mean you can or should without due respect.

Vaping etiquette refers to the unwritten set of rules that propose certain behaviors for vapers to follow to ensure they’re not causing upset or offence to non-vapers. These rules are not laws and vapers do not absolutely need to follow them, but it’s a good practice to.

There are many golden rules that vapers usually follow but here we take a closer look at most significant features of good vaping etiquette.

Always Follow Regulations

While more public spaces are open to vapers than smokers, there are still a number of areas that ban vaping or allow it only under certain circumstances. If you’re in a place with a clear ‘no vaping’ policy, or set guidelines on where you can vape within the premises, follow the appropriate policy without fail. If you’re unsure of the rules, ask a member of staff.

Don’t Vape In Crowded Areas

If you are allowed to vape, don’t vape in crowded areas. This could lead to complaints from others, and that doesn’t work for anyone: people get frustrated, the place you’re in becomes more conservative with its policies, and vapers could find themselves frozen out. Always vape respectfully.

Consider The Circumstances

Even if you’re vaping in an area that allows it, and doing so with utmost respect, the circumstances you’re in may stop you from vaping. For example, if there are children in the vicinity, it would be better not to vape: like cigarettes, e-cigarettes are very much a product for adults, not children. If you’re in a setting that makes you unsure of whether or not you should vape, consider whether it would be considered appropriate to smoke and take your cue from that.

Don’t Cloud Chase

Cloud Chasing (the act of puffing out big and voluminous clouds of vapor) has become popular among vapers, but it should only be done in certain places. There’d be no problem Cloud Chasing in a vape shop, where such activity is expected and the people there are likely to be fellow Vapers, but doing this among the general public will probably only be met with anger.

The way vaping is perceived is fundamentally linked to the way vapers are perceived. Good vaping etiquette reflects positively on e-cigarettes and e-cigarette users as a whole, so keep these rules in mind when enjoying a vape.