Vaping and Travelling: blu’s All You Need To Know Guide

travel vaping

Long walks on sandy beaches, warm evenings sipping cocktails on busy terraces and cool dips into a crystal clear sea. You’ve booked your next vacation and can’t wait for the fun to begin. The only thing that still needs to be done is the packing of the suitcase. How many board shorts does one need and will 5 T-shirts be enough? And most importantly, which vape kit and flavors will you bring along? There are a few things you need to know about vaping and travelling before you board that plane.

Travelling with your vape

The flight

It goes without saying that the same rules apply to vapers, as they do to non-vapers. You’re allowed to bring along a certain amount of liquids, as stated on the website of the TSA. You can take along liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes in you carry-on luggage. The maximum per container is 100 ml (3.4 ounces), and they have to be packed in a see through quart-sized bag. If you have more liquids to transport, you can pack them in your checked baggage. myblu™ liquidpods are small enough at 1.5 ml.

Before you’re tempted to put all your vape gear into the suitcase you want to check in, remember that your vape itself cannot be transported in checked baggage. You’ll need to take it along with you onto the plane. As the TSA states: ‘Battery-powered E-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems may only be carried in the aircraft cabin (in carry-on baggage or on your person). Check with your airline for additional restrictions. Remove all electronic cigarette and vaping devices from carry-on bags if checked at the gate or planeside.’ However, remember you won’t be able to use it on board the plane.


Lithium-ion batteries are also not allowed in your checked baggage. You can take them along in your carry-on baggage. Don’t just throw them into your hand luggage though. Leave them in the device, or transport them in a proper carrying case. As the TSA states: ‘You may travel with dry batteries (AA, AAA, C, and D) in your carry-on or checked baggage. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) prohibits loose lithium batteries from being transported in checked baggage.’ 

Take them out of your bags or pockets when you go through security, just as you would your liquids. A ziploc bag is probably the best solution   to keep your items safe in case of any unforeseen circumstances. You’re not allowed to charge your e-cig on the plane, so you’ll have to wait until you’ve arrived at your final destination.

Do your research

While you might be able to enjoy your e-cig without too much hassle in the States, make sure to research the rules and regulations at your vacation destination. Some countries fine you for vaping in public, for example. What a way to ruin the holiday vibe that would be! 

Also, make sure you bring along enough myblu™ liquidpods as you might not be able to get them in the country you’re visiting.

Remember, that because we love vaping, not everyone else automatically does. Some countries might be less familiar with e-cigarettes. This means it’s important to check if it’s legal, and if it is, where you’re allowed to vape. Try to make sure people around you don’t get annoyed by your e-cig, and expect the occasional curious question. If you’re well equipped with all the answers and facts, you can give well informed answers.

Enjoy your vacay!

Ten Must-Try Vaping Flavors For Spring

Vaping flavors in spring

Ever notice how spring gives you a special feeling that changes your outlook on life and how it can make everything seem less drab and gloomy? To celebrate this feeling of new energy, fresh colors and vibrancy all around it’s time to inhale some crisp ‘springfull’ flavors with your vape. Our selection includes myblu™ LIQUIDPODS and blu® LIQUIDS.


Green Apple

This Green Apple flavor combines sweet and sour notes and is crafted to give you a fresh Granny Smith apple flavor. Perfect for spring! Imagine walking through the park, surrounded by blossoming trees, and biting into a juicy green apple. Green is the color of freshness and new leafs. Definitely spring!

Ginseng Ginger

This flavor combines the warming power of ginger and the restorative effects of ginseng. Vaping these flavors creates spicy and sweet notes and will ensure a unique and calming taste. Great when preparing for spring cleaning!

Blue Ice

This uniquely fresh Blue Ice flavor is inspired by the natural blueberry flavor. While inhaling you’ll taste wild, ripened blueberry flavors mixed with icy Menthol. Exactly the kind of freshness you’d expect from spring.

Mango Apricot

Imagine being in paradise and tasting the bright and sweet notes of an apricot combined with the flavorful tartness of a mango. That’s what you get when inhaling the Mango Apricot liquid. Enjoy the taste of spring and experience a full fruit finish.

Eucalyptus Lemon

Eucalyptus and lemon are both very fresh flavors, full of vim and vigor. This flavor was inspired by the refreshing harmony of zesty, sour lemon and the minty features of eucalyptus. It’s designed to experience a dynamic and natural taste while you imagine yourself relaxing under a tree in spring time.


Strawberry Mint

What drink is more suitable for spring than a glass of champagne with a fresh strawberry to release its flavor? Strawberry and mint is a surprising twist on classic flavors combining sweetness with some minty zest. Perfect to get spring started!

Vanilla Crème

This liquid was inspired by the smooth and creamy flavor of vanilla. Experience the sensual, flavorful and lightly aromatic taste. Not too strong, not too sweet. Inhale the calming flavor and allow yourself to enjoy some ‘springfull’ relaxation time.

Peach Passion

Passionately peachy. Fresh, fragrant and ripe peaches are the embodiment of a luscious spring. This flavor was crafted with notes of peach and seasonal spices and will have you relaxed and embracing the subtle and sweet smell of spring!

Mint Chocolate

Imagine inhaling the bitter and minty taste of an After Eight chocolate. This classic flavor pairing ensures an upgrade of your vaping experience and will provide you with a rich, decadent cocoa taste blended with cool notes of mint.

Tropic Tonic

Spring makes you think of warmth, energy and fresh sparkles. This tropical blend will do just that and transport you to a tropical place. The flavor combines pineapple, mango and passionfruit aromas to create a subtle yet sweet, citrusy flavor. Indulge in these exotic flavors, inspired by the Pacific Islands.



Autoship: Hassle-free Vaping is Easier Than Ever

An alarm clock against a white background

Vaping is meant to be an enjoyable and trouble-free experience. That’s why blu offers an Autoship service to make sure you’ll never be without your favorite myblu™ Liquidpods,  blu Plus+ Tanks®, and  blu® Liquids. With Auto-Ship you only need to order once and set the dates you want us to deliver your goods, we’ll handle the rest so you’ll never run dry again.

Smooth automatic deliveries

The service is not meant to be intrusive, but rather make your life easier and uncomplicated. With Autoship your selected products will automatically be sent to you once you choose your delivery schedule, so you don’t need to lift a finger. Once a week, bi-weekly or monthly, the choice is yours. The convenience of having extra blu flavors, batteries or liquids automatically delivered to your doorstep saves you the time and hassle of visiting a retail location or manually ordering online.

Registering an account

Setting up an account is easy at

Although guests are very welcome to buy our vape items without registering an account, you will need a blu account to create an order subscription using Autoship. Creating your account can be done in a matter of minutes and only requires a few personal details, such as your name, date of birth, phone number and email address. You will also be asked to create a password for your account.

Setting up your Auto-Ship delivery

On checkout you can add any of our great flavors to Autoship with the click of a button

To set up Autoship you first need to tell us what you want delivered. You might want myblu™ Liquidpods sent to your doorstep every two weeks, for example. To do this, simply browse the shop and select the ‘Flavors’ category. There you’ll find the ‘myblu™ Liquidpods menu with different flavor options ranging from Vivid Vanilla to Classic Tobacco.

Once you’re at the checkout section you’ll have to provide us with shipping and billing information. You’ll also be able to set up your Autoship schedule and decide how often you’d like to receive your myblu™ Liquidpods. This is called an order cycle and will be treated as a standing order. Of course, you’re not obligated to receive Autoship orders forever. You can easily set an expiration date to stop your deliveries at any time. Finish your order and you’re all set to start your effortless vaping.

For more information or help concerning the Autoship service, please contact a member of our blu® Customer Service team or ask for help via the Live Chat.

Changing Autoship orders

After a while you might want to cancel or change your Auto -Ship order. To manage your orders please log in to your account and select the ‘Auto Shipments’ option. Here you’ll be able to cancel your current order with ease. To change your Auto-Ship selections, simply create a new order in our online shop with your new preferences. Auto shipments can be stopped at any time.


Your fist Autoship order will be shipped on the normal schedule based on when you created it. Consecutive orders will be processed and shipped on Thursdays. When your order is ready to ship, you will be notified via email.

Naturally we make every effort to ensure we have all the items available for your order. However, increased demand could cause us to run out of some items. If you only have one item in your Autoship service, we will ship that item once it is back in stock. In the case of multiple items, we will only ship the product that is available. Additional back orders will not be shipped.


Autoship products will be automatically charged to your credit card in accordance with the frequency of delivery that you previously selected. By going to ‘My Account’ and selecting ‘Autoshipments’ you can verify the ‘Next Processing Date’ associated to your current orders. If your credit card cannot be processed, you will receive a notification via email. Blu offers free shipping through UPS MAIL and USPS. We also offer free UPS Ground shipping for orders totaling $100 or more.

For more information or help concerning the auto ship service, please contact a member of our blu® Customer Service team or ask for help via the Live Chat.

Five Reasons Why People Start Vaping

Five reasons why people start vaping

Why people start vaping may vary from person to person. There isn’t just one main reason someone decides to pick up vaping, as vaping seems to satisfy different needs. Check out our top five reasons to start vaping.

1. Relax

While some people start vaping to join a community, others use it as a way to relax. Many people find the act of inhaling and exhaling relaxing, which is basically what you do when you vape. Another reason people find vaping relaxing is because of the different flavors. Some of the flavors are inspired by soothing ingredients such as vanilla and menthol.

2. Join the community

Friends meet at a vapeshop

Some people start vaping because they are attracted to the growing vaping communities popping up across the globe. There are large vape meets at bars, vape shops or other places where vapers unite and inhale together. Of course, you don’t have to, but when you start vaping you are welcomed into a large community of vapers. Within the community tips and gadgets are exchanged and it’s seen as a way to make new friends.

3. Control

When you vape you can choose what you put into your device and what you inhale. You can make decisions about the nicotine concentration in your liquids. If you don’t want any nicotine you can choose liquids with zero percent nicotine. Or choose liquids with a higher percentage, depending on your preference.

4. Flavors

blu comes in a variety of flavors

Vaping involves e-liquids and if you didn’t already know: there are a whole lot of flavors to try out. From fruity Berry Cobler to Mint Chocolate and Caramel Café, the sky is the limit. It’s an easy way to experience all kinds of different flavors and get a taste of a wide variety of fruits. But don’t forget; it’s also very good to eat the actual fruits.

5. Becoming a vaping hobbyist

For some people vaping is more of a hobby than anything else. Just like some people can be crazy about cars and need to know everything there is to know about them, some people do the same with vapes.  There are many different devices to collect and each model has its own unique features. Vape hobbyists typically have multiple devices and know exactly how to get the most out of every single one of the vapes. If you take up vaping as a hobby, be sure to check out blu’s Explore Vaping  section to familiarize yourself with the basics and more!

Vaping For Beginners

New to vaping? Five things you should know

E-cigarettes have been around for over a decade, since 2009 blu has been at the forefront. Today they’re used by many people around the world and have become increasingly popular. There are even vape meets, where vape enthusiasts swap new flavors and gadgets. If you’re new to the world of vaping, it might seem confusing, perhaps even a tad overwhelming with all those different terms. To get you up to speed, here are five things to know before you start.

1. There are different types of devices

In essence an e-cigarette is an electronic device that heats a flavored liquid containing nicotine and some other ingredients. The heating process creates vapor, which is inhaled by the vaper.

A lot of people don’t know that there are different types of devices. They come in a number of forms and models and to be refilled some require liquids and others require cartridges/tanks. Vapes that require an e-liquid are called Open System e-cigarettes and our blu PRO™ Kit is an example of this type of vape. The myblu™ Kit, on the other hand, require cartridges/tanks and are called Closed System e-cigarettes.

Apart from the closed and open system e-cigarettes also more advanced devices are available, called Mods, APVs or Box Mods. These vapes often feature some kind of modification to the size of the cartridge/tank or battery power in order to adjust to the vaper’s personal taste. Some require the vaper to drip e-liquid onto a heating mechanism and don’t make use of a cartridge/tank at all. They are called DripTips. These advanced devices are not sold by blu and should only be used by advanced vapes.

Blu has strict quality control standards to ensure only the best possible devices. This is what makes the blu range better than other electronic cigarettes. You’ll also find industry-exclusive packs within the collection, such as the blu PLUS+™ Recharge Kit. This kit contains a pack which allows you to charge your batteries on the go, while storing additional flavor cartridges/tanks and spare batteries.

2. How to vape – Understanding how to inhale  your first time round

A man vapes while enjoying the view

Vaping is essentially inhaling vapor, but before you get started you should first familiarize yourself with your device. As we’ve learned that are different devices that work in slightly different ways. To vape with our myblu device, for example, all you have to do is click in a liquidpod, vape and repeat.

Don’t go all out with your fist inhale, as it is recommended to start with a few primer puffs. These are short puffs where no vapor is inhaled, that increase the vapor production and help improve the flavor.

Once you’re finished with your primer puffs it’s time to get down to business. There are different vaping techniques you can try and most vapers belong to one of two categories: inhalers and mouth holders. Inhalers inhale the vapor directly into the lungs, which tends to create a stronger sensation. Mouth holders don’t inhale the vapor directly into their lungs, but first hold it in their mouth for a while. Some mouth holders even exhale before inhaling the vapor into the lungs. In general, you will get a better flavor sensation with mouth holding.

For more on this, visit our How to Vape page section

3. Keep your battery clean and charged

The battery is an essential part of a vape and should be properly cared for. To keep the battery working properly it is important to clean it on a regular basis. If you carry your device around in your pocket or bag it regularly gets exposed to dust and dirt. The terminal is the most important part of the battery and is also the only exposed part of the device. Cleaning the battery regularly ensures that you don’t force dirt into the device which can cause the vape to malfunction. To clean the battery, hold a cotton bud like a pencil and swirl the tip around the terminal to remove dirt. Also make sure that the inner walls of the terminal are dirt-free.

As you use the vape, the battery will of course drain until it’s empty and the devices stops working. To get the most out of your vape, it’s important to keep the battery charged. As the battery drains, the vapor produced will also weaken, which could lead to a lower dispersion rate of nicotine.

Another reason to keep your battery charged is to keep it performing the way it should. Most e-cigarettes use lithium-ion batteries. This type of battery likes to stay charged and may lose the ability to hold the maximum charge if you tend to let it drain to zero percent. On the other hand, overcharging the device will also cause performance to decline.

4. Maintaining your vape

Maintaining your vaping device is simple


Apart from the battery, it’s also important to keep the rest of the device clean to keep it working properly. A paper towel and some water can save you a lot of headaches. One of the important components to keep clean is the clearomizer. This is the section of an e-cigarette where the e-liquid is stored and converted into vapor. If you don’t clean the clearomizer regularly, you might find a residual build-up of e-liquid that can lead to leaking. Take the device apart before cleaning to make sure the battery doesn’t get wet. Pour some water into the clearomizer, cover the top, and shake it for a few seconds. Then pour out the water and wipe it down thoroughly. If you’re not too keen on cleaning, it’s also a good idea to buy a second clearomizer and simply swap them out.

The mouth piece is another component you’ll want to keep clean. Simply because most people don’t like the taste of lint or debris in their mouth and would rather taste the flavor instead.

5. Storage

Storage is also an important part of keeping your device in top shape. Storing your e-cigarette on its side or upside down could cause it to leak, which will of course deplete your e-liquid. It’s best to store the device upright. Vapes also don’t do well in direct sunlight or extreme heat for long periods of time. You might like tanning but remember to store your device out of the clutches of the sun and at room temperature. The same goes for e-liquid. Exposure to direct sunlight over a long period of time could change the taste.

Do E-Cigarettes Set Off Fire Alarms?

What Is Vapor_Vaping Tips_Blog_Header Image | blu

One of the most important questions vapers face in everyday life is: will my e-cigarette set off a smoke detector? It’s not an easy question to answer. After all, e-cigs produce vapor not smoke, so in theory, an e-cigarette won’t set off a smoke detector because there’s nothing to detect. As a general rule, that is indeed correct, but it’s not always as simple as that.

There are three commonly used smoke detectors available, and the likelihood of vapor being detected as smoke by them depends on which kind is being used. 

Heat Alarms

The least commonly used, and the one that poses fewest problems for vapers is the Heat Alarm, which is used mostly in kitchens and triggers based on the level of heat it detects and not the amount of smoke. As there are no problems with the heat produced when vapers vape, there should be no problem using an e-cig around this kind of alarm.

Ionization-Based Detectors

Ionization-based smoke detectors work around a small amount of radioactive material that sits between two electrically-charged plates. This ionizes the air within the device and generates a current that smoke particles break, thus triggering the alarm.

As this kind of detector works on a particle level, it can be very sensitive to changes in your environment. With e-cigs producing vapor and not smoke (and therefore different kinds of particles), they shouldn’t often set off ionization-based detectors, but they have been known to.

Photoelectric-Based Detectors

The final kind of smoke detector is the most common and the most likely to be triggered by an e-cigarette. Photoelectric detectors use optical light beams to detect smoke in their vicinity. If there’s enough smoke surrounding the detector, the light beam is broken and the alarm is triggered.

There’s less risk of this happening with vapor than there is with smoke, but it’s still possible. If there’s enough vapor present to break the beam, the alarm will trigger, regardless of the fact that smoke is not present.

Using e-cigarettes around smoke detectors

There’s no firm rule for using e-cigs around smoke detectors. Some detectors may be triggered, some may not. The best thing to do is judge each circumstance on its own merits. If you produce a lot of vapor and you’re in very close vicinity to a smoke detector in a crowded or sensitive area, it’s best to not vape. This way you remove the likelihood of triggering the alarm and causing problems for yourself and those around you.

If on the other hand, you’re in your own home, the home of a family member or friend, or you’re a significant distance away from a smoke detector, blowing your vapor away from it, there should be no problem. You’re cutting the risk of triggering the detector by keeping vapor away from it, and even if it does go off, you’re in a controllable environment.

As always though, if you’re in an area that strictly prohibits the use of an e-cig, follow the rules and do not vape.

4 Steps To Start Vaping With Confidence In The New Year

Whenever you start something new, those first few steps into the unknown can be tentative and apprehensive. Everyone’s a rookie at some point, but this doesn’t help when you feel like you’re unsure of what you’re doing. Vaping is no different and even the most confident vapers started their journey as newbies cautiously puffing and poking at their e-cigarette.

Here we go through a few steps to help you start vaping with confidence when you decide to make the switch to blu.

  1. Find the right e-cigarette and e-liquid

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, and e-cigarettes are no different. Figuring out what kind of vaper you think you’ll be is important as it’ll determine what kind of device will be best for you. You can use our interactive quiz to find out your ideal e-cigarette.

4 Steps To Start Vaping With Confidence In The New Year_Vaping Tips_Blog_Body Image | blu

Getting the perfect e-liquid is just as important as even with a great e-cig, the wrong flavor can shape the entire experience. For more tips on picking the right e-liquid for you, check out our blog on how to choose your next e-liquid.

  1. Plan out the first few weeks of your vaping experience

We love it when a plan comes together!

Having an idea of when you want to start vaping blu and how often you want to use your e-cigarette might help you make the switch to blu. If you’ve not vaped before, you may find that you need some time to get used to it. For example, as there’s no natural break when using an e-cigarette you may need to decide how long you vape for each time you use it. This is because when the tank or clearomizer is full your e-cigarette will last much longer and without this natural break, you might find yourself vaping for more or less time than you’d like.

If you’re making a gradual change to blu, having a plan can also help you factor in how quickly you’d like to switch. Include details of how much you think you’ll vape and if you want to increase this amount over the first few weeks.

  1. Find a vape buddy

Good things come in pairs and vaping with an old friend alongside you will help you start vaping with confidence. Whether your friend is a long-time vaper who has convinced you to make the change, knowing there’s someone you can share your experience with will help.

If you do manage to find someone who is a vaper, be it for longer than you or somebody who’s decided to start vaping around the same time, you can troubleshoot any issues that you come across along the way and swap stories about how you’ve found your vaping experience so far. If you are looking for more advice on e-cigarettes, remember that our team is always here to lend a hand.

  1. Get clued up on everything to do with e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes aren’t the hardest thing in the world to wrap your head around and with a little time everyone gets the hang of the in’s and out’s of vaping. The tricky part is getting through that period where you might need a little extra time to learn how e-cigarettes work and how you can look after them.

4 Steps To Start Vaping With Confidence In The New Year_Vaping Tips_Blog_Body Image2 | blu

It’s tempting to skip ahead to the end and breeze past the advice online and from friends but ultimately you’ll have a better experience if you sit down and get to know the basics. There’s tons of information on our site on everything from e-cigarette battery maintenance to flavor ghosting. A good place to start is our Vaping Glossary which gives a run-down of all the need-to-know vaping terminology.

How To Choose Your Next Vape Juice

Finding the right e-liquid is always a moment to savor – the finishing line after countless different flavors and nicotine strengths, there’s really nothing like the taste of that vape.

It’s just finding the e-liquid that works for you that’s the hard part…

Fortunately for you, blu is here to lend a helping hand and take you through everything you need to consider when picking your next e-liquid flavor to make sure that you get the vape you’ve been looking for.

There are three basic steps to picking your next e-liquid:

  1. Pick your flavor
  2. Choose your nicotine percentage
  3. Decide how much you’ll need

In this guide we take a detailed look at each of these steps and go through all the factors you’ll need to consider when picking your e-liquid.

1. Pick Your Flavor

First of all, you’ll need to decide what flavor you want and, more specifically, what type of flavor you want. There are a few obvious choices with familiar flavors such as Tobacco and Menthol, but when it comes to the newer tastes it can hard to decide what’ll make your perfect vape.

Although one of the great things about vaping is the different flavors to choose from, this can make picking that first flavor a tad tricky. Thinking about the type of flavor you want can help and we’ve listed a few of the different types of flavors we have on offer below:

Remember to check if the e-cigarette you’ve chosen comes with the flavor you’d like to use as some of the newer flavors aren’t available with older blu® products. Consider where you are most likely to vape as well as some vapers find that they like different flavors for different occasions.

2. Choose Your Nicotine Percentage

There’s enough information on nicotine percentages out there to make anyone’s head spin but at blu, we like to keep it nice and simple. That’s why our vape juice comes in just four different nicotine percentages:

  • 0%
  • 1.2%
  • 2.4%
  • 4.5%

The 4.5% vape e-liquid is only available in our blu® Disposables range, so if you want a e-liquids with a higher nicotine percentage, go for one of these e-cigarettes.

Some vapers who’ve just switched to e-cigarettes say that they prefer vape juice with a higher percentage of nicotine, although there are others who don’t feel this is as important. The best thing to do is try out the percentage you think will work best and try another if you feel you’d like more or less nicotine in your e-liquid.

Make sure to check that the flavor you’ve picked comes in the nicotine strength you’re after as not all of the flavors from blu come in all four nicotine strengths.

3. Decide How Much E-Liquid You’ll Need

This one catches a few people out, but in the end, you’ll be fine if you remember this logic: the more you vape, the more e-liquid you’ll need. Piece of cake!

If you’re the type of person who vapes a lot throughout the day, you’ll probably need about 6 packs of tanks, 3-4 disposables or 2 liquid bottles (depending on the type of e-cigarette you’re using) to last you the week. Keep in mind that this is just a rough guide and that you might find yourself vaping much more or much less than advised here.

So now that you’ve decided on your next vape juice, you’re all ready to vape – so what are you waiting for!

Which Airports Can I Vape In?

Tickets, passport, money…e-cigarette? Whether you’re flying away on business, escaping the office with an awesome getaway or heading home to see the family, everyone wants their airport experience to be as seamless as possible. As you can’t vape on any major airline, it’s important that you plan your trip so you can vape before you get on the plane. Lucky for you, blu has put together an interactive guide to vaping at airports across the USA!

The guide includes information on whether or not the airport you’re flying from has a space that you can vape in and any relevant information that you might need to know before you arrive.

All the information in this guide is subject to change so make sure to check when you get to any of the locations you can vape in that you’re still OK to use your e-cigarette. If there are any airports that you want to know about that aren’t on our guide, get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll be more than happy to get it added to the list.


Stealth Vaping: Reasons You Should Vape Responsibly

Stealth Vaping: Reasons You Should Vape Responsibly_Vaping Tips_Blog_Header Image | blu

When it first burst onto the scene roughly a decade ago, one of the best things about vaping was that you could vape pretty much anywhere you wanted. However, many venues have enforced stricter rules that prohibit vaping in a lot of different places. To combat this, some vapers practice “stealth vaping”, but this doesn’t necessarily solve the problem and in many cases, can just cause further issues. Here we take a look at what stealth vaping is and why people do it.

What Is Stealth Vaping?

Stealth vaping is the act of vaping in a secret or clandestine way so as not to draw attention to the fact that you are vaping. Many people stealth vape in locations where vaping is not allowed or when they don’t want others to realize that they are vaping.

Stealth Vaping: Reasons You Should Vape Responsibly_Vaping Tips_Blog_Body Image2 | blu

Why Shouldn’t I Stealth Vape?

Vaping somewhere you shouldn’t isn’t a great idea for a number of reasons. First off, there are many places that don’t allow vaping because the state has made it illegal to do so. If you decide to stealth vape in such a place, you could face prosecution for flouting the state laws. If you’re unsure of your state’s position on vaping, check out our State-By-State Guide to Vaping Laws in the USA.

Companies and organizations are also free to implement “no vaping” policies if they want to, so if you’ve made the decision to go there, you should be respectful of their choice or find somewhere that allows vaping and head there instead. If you’re out with other people, it’s also worth considering how they’ll react to your stealth vaping. Whilst some people might not be too bothered by stealth vaping, others might find it strange or annoying.

The reason that vaping isn’t allowed in certain places, such as restaurants or bars, is often because other customers may feel that the smell and presence of the vapor is distracting. For those who choose not to vape, this seems like a fair point. If you were enjoying your meal and get a conflicting smell wafting over, it might spoil your experience.

Stealth Vaping: Reasons You Should Vape Responsibly_Vaping Tips_Blog_Body Image | blu

If you simply want to avoid flooding the room or your immediate surroundings with vapor, potentially because you are in the company of people who don’t vape, then stealth vaping is fine. In this circumstance, you’re just making sure that you don’t annoy your friends and family by vaping to excess. If vaping is to be considered as a totally normal part of everyday life in the future, it’s probably best that you don’t give people who don’t vape a reason to dislike it.