Vaping For Beginners

New to vaping? Five things you should know

E-cigarettes have been around for over a decade, since 2009 blu has been at the forefront. Today they’re used by many people around the world and have become increasingly popular. There are even vape meets, where vape enthusiasts swap new flavors and gadgets. If you’re new to the world of vaping, it might seem confusing, perhaps even a tad overwhelming with all those different terms. To get you up to speed, here are five things to know before you start.

1. There are different types of devices

In essence an e-cigarette is an electronic device that heats a flavored liquid containing nicotine and some other ingredients. The heating process creates vapor, which is inhaled by the vaper.

A lot of people don’t know that there are different types of devices. They come in a number of forms and models and to be refilled some require liquids and others require cartridges/tanks. Vapes that require an e-liquid are called Open System e-cigarettes and our blu PRO™ Kit is an example of this type of vape. The myblu™ Kit, on the other hand, require cartridges/tanks and are called Closed System e-cigarettes.

Apart from the closed and open system e-cigarettes also more advanced devices are available, called Mods, APVs or Box Mods. These vapes often feature some kind of modification to the size of the cartridge/tank or battery power in order to adjust to the vaper’s personal taste. Some require the vaper to drip e-liquid onto a heating mechanism and don’t make use of a cartridge/tank at all. They are called DripTips. These advanced devices are not sold by blu and should only be used by advanced vapes.

Blu has strict quality control standards to ensure only the best possible devices. This is what makes the blu range better than other electronic cigarettes. You’ll also find industry-exclusive packs within the collection, such as the blu PLUS+™ Recharge Kit. This kit contains a pack which allows you to charge your batteries on the go, while storing additional flavor cartridges/tanks and spare batteries.

2. How to vape – Understanding how to inhale  your first time round

A man vapes while enjoying the view

Vaping is essentially inhaling vapor, but before you get started you should first familiarize yourself with your device. As we’ve learned that are different devices that work in slightly different ways. To vape with our myblu device, for example, all you have to do is click in a liquidpod, vape and repeat.

Don’t go all out with your fist inhale, as it is recommended to start with a few primer puffs. These are short puffs where no vapor is inhaled, that increase the vapor production and help improve the flavor.

Once you’re finished with your primer puffs it’s time to get down to business. There are different vaping techniques you can try and most vapers belong to one of two categories: inhalers and mouth holders. Inhalers inhale the vapor directly into the lungs, which tends to create a stronger sensation. Mouth holders don’t inhale the vapor directly into their lungs, but first hold it in their mouth for a while. Some mouth holders even exhale before inhaling the vapor into the lungs. In general, you will get a better flavor sensation with mouth holding.

For more on this, visit our How to Vape page section

3. Keep your battery clean and charged

The battery is an essential part of a vape and should be properly cared for. To keep the battery working properly it is important to clean it on a regular basis. If you carry your device around in your pocket or bag it regularly gets exposed to dust and dirt. The terminal is the most important part of the battery and is also the only exposed part of the device. Cleaning the battery regularly ensures that you don’t force dirt into the device which can cause the vape to malfunction. To clean the battery, hold a cotton bud like a pencil and swirl the tip around the terminal to remove dirt. Also make sure that the inner walls of the terminal are dirt-free.

As you use the vape, the battery will of course drain until it’s empty and the devices stops working. To get the most out of your vape, it’s important to keep the battery charged. As the battery drains, the vapor produced will also weaken, which could lead to a lower dispersion rate of nicotine.

Another reason to keep your battery charged is to keep it performing the way it should. Most e-cigarettes use lithium-ion batteries. This type of battery likes to stay charged and may lose the ability to hold the maximum charge if you tend to let it drain to zero percent. On the other hand, overcharging the device will also cause performance to decline.

4. Maintaining your vape

Maintaining your vaping device is simple


Apart from the battery, it’s also important to keep the rest of the device clean to keep it working properly. A paper towel and some water can save you a lot of headaches. One of the important components to keep clean is the clearomizer. This is the section of an e-cigarette where the e-liquid is stored and converted into vapor. If you don’t clean the clearomizer regularly, you might find a residual build-up of e-liquid that can lead to leaking. Take the device apart before cleaning to make sure the battery doesn’t get wet. Pour some water into the clearomizer, cover the top, and shake it for a few seconds. Then pour out the water and wipe it down thoroughly. If you’re not too keen on cleaning, it’s also a good idea to buy a second clearomizer and simply swap them out.

The mouth piece is another component you’ll want to keep clean. Simply because most people don’t like the taste of lint or debris in their mouth and would rather taste the flavor instead.

5. Storage

Storage is also an important part of keeping your device in top shape. Storing your e-cigarette on its side or upside down could cause it to leak, which will of course deplete your e-liquid. It’s best to store the device upright. Vapes also don’t do well in direct sunlight or extreme heat for long periods of time. You might like tanning but remember to store your device out of the clutches of the sun and at room temperature. The same goes for e-liquid. Exposure to direct sunlight over a long period of time could change the taste.

blu Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited to ring in 2018! As the clock ticked over to January 1st, you have found your thoughts turning to your New Year’s resolution. You promised yourself that it’ll be different from last year, it’ll last throughout the year and it’ll help you make a change for the better.

But what if this year you could do something really memorable with your New Year’s resolution?

Here are just a few of the benefits you could enjoy if you decide to use blu this year.

Better Smelling Clothes

E-cigarettes produce vapor, but one of the advantages of blu® products is that we provide an array of vaping products for every lifestyle. Vapor evaporates very quickly meaning that you can wave goodbye to any lingering smells, and because of this you don’t have to worry about the smell of smoke sticking to your clothes.

More Flavor

blu® products come in a wide range of great flavors, and this gives you the chance to bring some variety to your day. You can mix it up with fruity flavors like Cherry and Berry Cobbler or stay cool with Blue Ice. The choice is yours!

Vaping Indoors

Unlike smoking, there may be loads of places that let you use e-cigarettes inside meaning you won’t have to head out into the cold whenever you want to vape. As mentioned earlier, e-cigarettes also allow you to vape in the comfort of your own home because you don’t need to worry about the smell.

No Ash

With e-cigarettes, ash and ashtrays are a thing of the past. By vaping blu, you’ll never have to bear the sight of a smelly ashtray in the center of a table or beside a couch ever again.

5 Things Not To Do With a blu Electronic Cigarette

A blu PLUS packet poking out of someone's jean pocket

By now, you’re probably aware of all the things you can do with a blu® electronic cigarette. You can vape in many places where you can’t smoke a tobacco cigarette, keep your clothes and hair smoke-free, and avoid dealing with messy ashtrays. You may not, however, know about some of the things that you shouldn’t do with a blu.

Here’s a short list of things that you definitely do NOT want to try at home (or on the road, in your office, or anywhere else)!

1) Don’t put a blu e-cigarette loosely in your back pocket

Of course you CAN put your blu into the rechargeable pack and THEN put the pack into your pocket. But when you store your blu loosely in your back pocket you run the risk of the following:

  • You could damage your blu if you sit on it or forget to remove it from your pocket.
  • You’ll likely get pocket lint or other miscellaneous pocket items on your mouthpiece, and that’s just gross.
  • You could forget you left the e-cig in your pocket, and it could end up in the washer when you’re doing laundry!

2) Don’t try to add your own e-liquid

blu® Disposables and blu PLUS+ Tanks™ are already pre-filled and NON-refillable, so please forget about all those “e-cig hacks” articles and videos you may have seen online. Not only will you likely damage your device if you try and “tweak” your blu® e-cigarette, you’ll also void the warranty.

5 Things Not To Do With Your blu Electronic Cigarette_blu News_Blog_Body Image | blu

3) Don’t try to disassemble your blu® Disposable

As mentioned in number 2, the blu® Disposable is designed for single-use. When your blu is empty, it should be properly discarded. In other words, use of your blu® Disposable is simple. Please don’t complicate the process by attempting to take a disposable apart and then trying to put it back together. You could cause your device to short circuit and damage the battery cell which will void your warranty. Ignore any urges you may have to “pimp your e-cig.”

5 Things Not To Do With Your blu Electronic Cigarette_blu News_Blog_Body Image2 | blu

4) Don’t use non-blu products or accessories with blu® products or accessories

In other words, don’t try to mix and match blu stuff with non-blu stuff. Just don’t, trust us. See the above spiel about ignoring “hack” articles/videos and voiding the warranty.

blu® products and accessories are made with one another. They aren’t designed to be used with non-blu products so don’t try to charge a blu battery or blu pack with a non-blu accessory. Don’t try using a non-blu tank with a blu battery. Worst-case scenario, you could do some serious damage to your blu. “Best-case” scenario, you could have a horrible experience from a performance perspective (e.g. the vapor may taste like a sweaty sneaker…or worse). However, when it comes to your blu Wall Charger, you may use your wall adapter with an equivalent device and your USB cord with a properly specified wall adapter.

5) Don’t vape like no one’s watching

This kinda goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: don’t be a jerk when you’re using your blu. Even though you can still use your blu in many places where you can’t smoke a tobacco cigarette, some venues do NOT allow electronic cigarette use. So please be respectful of whatever laws, rules and regulations you may encounter. In short, don’t vape in places where it’s not allowed.

If you find yourself in such a setting, it’s likely not the appropriate time or place to make a political statement about your right to vape. Think about it — the waiter who tells you vaping is against the restaurant’s policy likely doesn’t have the authority to reverse said policy. So instead of making a scene and arguing, fight the good fight the right way.

Thanksgiving: What blu Is Thankful For This Year

Thanksgiving: What blu Is Thankful For_Blog_Header Image | blu

The holiday season is finally upon us, and that means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. There’s plenty that we’re all thankful for every day, and to give you a closer look at what we’re about at blu, we asked some our team to tell us what they’re most thankful for this year.

Sara Thompson, Lab Assistant

“I am thankful for my mother. There is never a time when I do not need her. No matter how many times I say I love her it is never enough. I am so grateful for her support and comfort when I need it the most. She is my rock, the one I go to when times are hard, and the one I get the best advice from. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her by my side.”

Jocquelyn Davis, Retail Specialist

“I am thankful for my new daughter-in law-Cristina!! I have known Crissy for years and she has been dear to me. When my son proposed to her, I was so very happy that he finally got the one that was right for him…and me haha. Crissy has brought a certain happiness to our family.

“When she calls me Mom I just smile because it is so endearing to hear that from her, it sounds just right coming from her. Even the team is aware of how close we are and refer to me as her Mom!! So this Thanksgiving I am celebrating with my son and his new wife, my new daughter, Cristina Davis.”

Julie Walters, Marketing Activation Manager

“In April of this year I went to a dog adoption event with the intent of ‘just looking’. All of the dogs were very excited, jumping around and barking but I spotted one little guy straight chilling off to the side, just observing the chaos. I went over to him to say hi and he came up to me, sat on my feet, and made it clear that I was not leaving without him.

“I went there looking for a senior, medium sized dog and I left with a one-year-old, 10 pound Pomeranian mix. He was already responding to the name “E” but taking into account his mellow, easy going nature, he became ‘Eazy-E’. He’s my world and has become somewhat of a blu mascot, hanging out on the window sill in Marketing, watching over the hood and providing cuddles when needed. There is nothing I am more thankful for in 2017 than my son, Eazy-E.”

PJ Moffett, Global Logistics Manager

“I am thankful for the health of myself, my family and my friends. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Even Wayne Jones who is Australian and doesn’t celebrate it.”

Ryan Coalson, Director of Operations

“For two happy and well-adjusted children. With all that is happening in the world, these two continue to thrive, love one another and to be caring members of society. I often hear comments about ‘today’s children’, but my experience with my kids and their friends has been nothing but positive. I am thankful for the adults that they are becoming, that I don’t go about in worry for their future and excited to see where they are headed.”

Morgan Tucker, Global Consumer Insights Manager

“Regardless of how my future turns out, I’m thankful for the opportunity to be part of blu and getting to know the good people here.”

Cyber Monday Sale!

Awesome Cyber Monday E-Cigarette Deals From blu | blu

blu is pleased to announce that we are be holding our annual Cyber Monday sale! From Friday 24 November until Monday 27 November, you’ll be able to get any blu product for 25% off!

To get your discount all you have to do is have an active blu account, so if you don’t already have one, register before heading to the checkout.

Make sure to act fast, as this offer will end at midnight on Monday 27 November and will only apply as long as stocks last. Happy shopping!

Changes To blu Packaging In 2018

Changes To blu Packaging_Blog_Header Image | blu

We like to make sure that we always keep you in the loop with all things blu. So around the end of February 2018, keep an eye out for a few changes we’ll be making to our packaging in order to remain in compliance with recent FDA packaging requirements.

Don’t worry! None of these changes will affect the quality or function of the product we provide as the changes will only apply to the packaging and not our e-cigarettes.

You will notice these changes on certain blu® products in the following ways:

  • All blu® packaging and advertising will bear the following required warning statement: “WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.”
  • We’ll be selling our blu PLUS+™ Xpress Kit in a new, paper box similar to our current disposables packaging so the aforementioned label cannot be removed.
  • We will no longer classify our e-liquid nicotine strengths as HIGH, MED and NON. Instead, we will use percentage amounts that reflect the amount of nicotine that makes up the e-liquid: 2.4%, 1.2% and 0%. You can visit our Explore Vaping section to learn more about the different nicotine strengths in e-liquid.

During this transitional period, some shipments may contain a mix of past and updated packaging or labels.

While we’re working on these changes, we took the liberty of making a few updates of our own. We’re changing up the design of our blu® Disposables box to keep things as consistent and eye-catching as always. You like to stand out from the crowd and so do we!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the changes to our packaging or advertising, feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-207-4588.

Introducing the Something Better Hub

Something Better Announcement | blu

For everyone here at blu, trying to take the next step and improve every day is what gets us out of bed in the morning. This is where our “Something Better” slogan comes from, but for us it’s so much more than just a slogan – it’s an obsession.

Since we started way back in 2009 we’ve come a long way, and it’s only been possible by searching for that little bit of extra in everything we do. Becoming pioneers in the vaping industry has been incredibly hard work, and staying ahead is sure to be even harder. But you better believe that won’t stop us!

To show you why this philosophy is so important to us, we’ve created the Something Better Hub. Here you’ll be able to find inspiring stories from people just like you searching for a different way of living, all the while asking for more out of life and never settling for second best. Making a change is never easy, but the Something Better Hub shows that it’s never too late and with the right attitude, anything is possible.

To get inspired today, visit the Something Better Hub at and find something better today!

10 Spectacular Hidden Gem Locations In The US

blu's Hidden Gem Travel Guide cover

Tired of the same old vacation year after year? We don’t blame you! At blu we’re all about looking for something better from every aspect of life, and your vacation shouldn’t be any different. That’s why we’ve put together an amazing guide to some of the best hidden gems right here in the USA. Each one is designed to give you the inspiration to get off the beaten track and find something better this summer!

Download the guide by clicking on the link below:

10 Spectacular Hidden Gem Locations In The US

Hidden Gem Travel Guide Cover


The Daddy Of All Deals!

Caption stating 'Daddy Of All Deals' next to a man vaping and five blu Liquid bottles



In case you’ve forgotten, it’s Father’s Day in just a few short days!

This means you’ll need to find your dad a gift, but where to start? You could always cop out with some socks, but you got him some at Christmas. Or maybe a mug saying ‘World’s Best Dad’? Hmm…it’s a tad unoriginal. Or how about some music for his drive to work? Pfft, I’m not sure he’s a fan of anything made after I was born!

So what to do, what to do? If only there was something different, something…better?

Lucky for you, you’ve got blu on your side! This Father’s Day we’re offering 10% off all blu® Liquids!

This is the ideal gift for any doting dad and is the perfect way to say thanks for all those years at your side. There are loads of flavors to choose from depending on what your dad is after, and with blu you’re sure to find something a million times better than another pair of socks!

Just enter discount code DADDY10 at the checkout to redeem the offer and make your Father’s Day one to remember!