How To Choose Your Next Vape Juice

Finding the right e-liquid is always a moment to savor – the finishing line after countless different flavors and nicotine strengths, there’s really nothing like the taste of that vape.

It’s just finding the e-liquid that works for you that’s the hard part…

Fortunately for you, blu is here to lend a helping hand and take you through everything you need to consider when picking your next e-liquid flavor to make sure that you get the vape you’ve been looking for.

There are three basic steps to picking your next e-liquid:

  1. Pick your flavor
  2. Choose your nicotine percentage
  3. Decide how much you’ll need

In this guide we take a detailed look at each of these steps and go through all the factors you’ll need to consider when picking your e-liquid.

1. Pick Your Flavor

First of all, you’ll need to decide what flavor you want and, more specifically, what type of flavor you want. There are a few obvious choices with familiar flavors such as Tobacco and Menthol, but when it comes to the newer tastes it can hard to decide what’ll make your perfect vape.

Although one of the great things about vaping is the different flavors to choose from, this can make picking that first flavor a tad tricky. Thinking about the type of flavor you want can help and we’ve listed a few of the different types of flavors we have on offer below:

Remember to check if the e-cigarette you’ve chosen comes with the flavor you’d like to use as some of the newer flavors aren’t available with older blu® products. Consider where you are most likely to vape as well as some vapers find that they like different flavors for different occasions.

2. Choose Your Nicotine Percentage

There’s enough information on nicotine percentages out there to make anyone’s head spin but at blu, we like to keep it nice and simple. That’s why our vape juice comes in just four different nicotine percentages:

  • 0%
  • 1.2%
  • 2.4%
  • 4.5%

The 4.5% vape e-liquid is only available in our blu® Disposables range, so if you want a e-liquids with a higher nicotine percentage, go for one of these e-cigarettes.

Some vapers who’ve just switched to e-cigarettes say that they prefer vape juice with a higher percentage of nicotine, although there are others who don’t feel this is as important. The best thing to do is try out the percentage you think will work best and try another if you feel you’d like more or less nicotine in your e-liquid.

Make sure to check that the flavor you’ve picked comes in the nicotine strength you’re after as not all of the flavors from blu come in all four nicotine strengths.

3. Decide How Much E-Liquid You’ll Need

This one catches a few people out, but in the end, you’ll be fine if you remember this logic: the more you vape, the more e-liquid you’ll need. Piece of cake!

If you’re the type of person who vapes a lot throughout the day, you’ll probably need about 6 packs of tanks, 3-4 disposables or 2 liquid bottles (depending on the type of e-cigarette you’re using) to last you the week. Keep in mind that this is just a rough guide and that you might find yourself vaping much more or much less than advised here.

So now that you’ve decided on your next vape juice, you’re all ready to vape – so what are you waiting for!

Vaping At The Football

Can I Vape At NFL Stadiums_Where Can I Vape_Blog_Header Image | blu

For any vapers who consider themselves football fans, there’s always one question on their mind: can I vape at the stadium? We’ve previously looked at the vaping laws when it comes to baseball and golf, so here we give you all the information you need to enjoy your day at the gridiron.

Before checking out the details for each stadium, we can tell you that there aren’t any stadiums that allow vaping in the stands, but by reading our guide you can make sure that you can plan your trip as necessary. This may mean that you’re able to head outside the stadium or to a specific area of the ground to vape, or that you make sure to do so before coming to the stadium.

Local laws can change frequently so to be absolutely sure of the vaping regulations, check with the stadium before the you go to the game.

Can I Vape At NFL Stadiums | blu

5 Things Not To Do With a blu Electronic Cigarette

A blu PLUS packet poking out of someone's jean pocket

By now, you’re probably aware of all the things you can do with a blu® electronic cigarette. You can vape in many places where you can’t smoke a tobacco cigarette, keep your clothes and hair smoke-free, and avoid dealing with messy ashtrays. You may not, however, know about some of the things that you shouldn’t do with a blu.

Here’s a short list of things that you definitely do NOT want to try at home (or on the road, in your office, or anywhere else)!

1) Don’t put a blu e-cigarette loosely in your back pocket

Of course you CAN put your blu into the rechargeable pack and THEN put the pack into your pocket. But when you store your blu loosely in your back pocket you run the risk of the following:

  • You could damage your blu if you sit on it or forget to remove it from your pocket.
  • You’ll likely get pocket lint or other miscellaneous pocket items on your mouthpiece, and that’s just gross.
  • You could forget you left the e-cig in your pocket, and it could end up in the washer when you’re doing laundry!

2) Don’t try to add your own e-liquid

blu® Disposables and blu PLUS+ Tanks™ are already pre-filled and NON-refillable, so please forget about all those “e-cig hacks” articles and videos you may have seen online. Not only will you likely damage your device if you try and “tweak” your blu® e-cigarette, you’ll also void the warranty.

5 Things Not To Do With Your blu Electronic Cigarette_blu News_Blog_Body Image | blu

3) Don’t try to disassemble your blu® Disposable

As mentioned in number 2, the blu® Disposable is designed for single-use. When your blu is empty, it should be properly discarded. In other words, use of your blu® Disposable is simple. Please don’t complicate the process by attempting to take a disposable apart and then trying to put it back together. You could cause your device to short circuit and damage the battery cell which will void your warranty. Ignore any urges you may have to “pimp your e-cig.”

5 Things Not To Do With Your blu Electronic Cigarette_blu News_Blog_Body Image2 | blu

4) Don’t use non-blu products or accessories with blu® products or accessories

In other words, don’t try to mix and match blu stuff with non-blu stuff. Just don’t, trust us. See the above spiel about ignoring “hack” articles/videos and voiding the warranty.

blu® products and accessories are made with one another. They aren’t designed to be used with non-blu products so don’t try to charge a blu battery or blu pack with a non-blu accessory. Don’t try using a non-blu tank with a blu battery. Worst-case scenario, you could do some serious damage to your blu. “Best-case” scenario, you could have a horrible experience from a performance perspective (e.g. the vapor may taste like a sweaty sneaker…or worse). However, when it comes to your blu Wall Charger, you may use your wall adapter with an equivalent device and your USB cord with a properly specified wall adapter.

5) Don’t vape like no one’s watching

This kinda goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: don’t be a jerk when you’re using your blu. Even though you can still use your blu in many places where you can’t smoke a tobacco cigarette, some venues do NOT allow electronic cigarette use. So please be respectful of whatever laws, rules and regulations you may encounter. In short, don’t vape in places where it’s not allowed.

If you find yourself in such a setting, it’s likely not the appropriate time or place to make a political statement about your right to vape. Think about it — the waiter who tells you vaping is against the restaurant’s policy likely doesn’t have the authority to reverse said policy. So instead of making a scene and arguing, fight the good fight the right way.

blu Fan of the Month: January

Fan of the Month: January_bluNation_Blog_Header Image | blu

Over the past year we’ve been getting to know  the people of bluNation® and hearing more about how they first got into vaping with blu and what it means to them. Our latest fan of the month is Trevor, and we asked him about why he vapes with blu as well as a little about himself.

If you want to be in with a chance of being featured as our next Fan of the Month, fill out our questionnaire and tell us: What makes you stand out from other blu vapers? You’ll get the chance to appear on the blu Blog and you’ll receive a $100 gift card! For more information on the competition, check out the terms and conditions here.

Meet our January Fan of the Month: Trevor

How long have you used blu?

I have used the blu® Disposable on and off for a few years now, but didn’t fall in love with it until now with my full commitment to it and the business that it carries.

What’s your favorite flavor and why?

My favorite flavors are from the blu® Disposable at 4.5%, Cherry Crush and Vivid Vanilla. I chose these flavors because of their distinct smell at the moment I opened the box, a smell that I can appreciate and know that I can choose my focus towards a new thing that others will not be offended by.

Tell us about your blu experience.

I use blu day in and day out, whether I’m at the golf course working on a new project or sitting at home with my wife not needing to go outside or repulse her with my bad smell. My life with blu is more cost-effective, efficient, selective, appropriate and overall more enjoyable.

You have the entire day to spend doing whatever you want. How do you spend it?

Since my job takes place outside, rain or shine, I would most likely spend my whole day with my wife cooking up a fabulous meal for our friends and family because nothing is more important than filling your time that you have to yourself, sharing it with the people that you care the most about.

Where are your go-to vaping spots?

I have one in my locker at work for back up and I carry my current one with me through my whole day. There is no angle I cannot play, no excuses, only victory.

Any advice for someone new to blu?

Just try it. There is an option for anyone. This company swamps the rest. You can commit to one thing, but to commit to blu is a way, way better option.

Which Airports Can I Vape In?

Tickets, passport, money…e-cigarette? Whether you’re flying away on business, escaping the office with an awesome getaway or heading home to see the family, everyone wants their airport experience to be as seamless as possible. As you can’t vape on any major airline, it’s important that you plan your trip so you can vape before you get on the plane. Lucky for you, blu has put together an interactive guide to vaping at airports across the USA!

The guide includes information on whether or not the airport you’re flying from has a space that you can vape in and any relevant information that you might need to know before you arrive.

All the information in this guide is subject to change so make sure to check when you get to any of the locations you can vape in that you’re still OK to use your e-cigarette. If there are any airports that you want to know about that aren’t on our guide, get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll be more than happy to get it added to the list.


New York Legislators Crackdown On Vaping

New York Legislators Crackdown On E-Cigarettes and Vaping_Industry News_Blog_Header Image | blu

New York state has made significant moves in recent weeks to clamp down on where its residents can and can’t use e-cigarettes. As of November 22, vaping will no longer be allowed in public indoor spaces. The bill, which was signed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo in late October, will include all workplaces, restaurants and bars.

Roughly 70% of local jurisdictions already had bans in place, so the majority of vapers shouldn’t be affected by this change. The vaping ban has also extended to outdoor public spaces – including places such as Central Park and Times Square – meaning that vapers could face a fine if they are found to be vaping in these locations.

10 other states, including California and New Jersey, have already put statewide bans on where you can use e-cigarettes into place. Many large cities have also enacted restrictions on vaping, with Boston and Chicago two of the most notable examples of this action. Despite this, New York remains one of the most active states when it comes to legislation on e-cigarettes and vaping in recent times, and further changes could be coming in the future.

New York state assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal has been reported to have asked the state to ban flavored vape juice. Whilst the bill hasn’t yet been advanced to the Senate, it still represents a worrying trend for those who use e-cigarettes responsibly. The American Vaping Association has been one of the most vocal critics of this proposal with president Gregory Conley saying:

“The AVA supports common-sense regulation of its products, such as New York City’s existing ban on the sale to minors. But adults are free to make their own choices.”

A similar bill was put before the Senate by Senator Brad Hoylman in March but didn’t get past the Senate Health Committee. However, Hoylman has said he will work with Rosenthal to put the issue to the Senate once more in January.

For this reason, we urge anyone who is unhappy with these proposed changes to get active and let it be known that these changes wouldn’t be welcomed by everyone in New York. At blu, we believe that those who choose to use e-cigarettes are being increasingly overlooked, and it’s up to the whole vaping community to come together to make sure that vapers aren’t forced out.

Tribble Giveaway

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FDA Regulations: Why Can’t I Get Free E-Cigarette Samples?

FDA Regulations: Why Can’t I Get Free E-Cigarette Samples?_Industry News_Blog_Header Image | blu

At blu, one of the things we used to love most was giving customers the chance to try our e-cigarettes and flavors so that they could weigh their options before picking the combo that worked best for them. Whether this happened on the street or through one of our social media pages, we loved giving people the power to choose something better. However, some of you may have noticed recently that we haven’t been doing this as frequently, and the even more observant among you will have realized that we haven’t been doing this at all.

The reason behind all this isn’t because we’ve gotten cheaper over the years but due to FDA regulations which now include ENDs products (which includes e-cigarettes) under the federal free sampling ban.  This means that as of August 8, 2016 the free sample ban automatically applies to all tobacco products – including e-cigarettes – subject to FDA’s tobacco product authority, including components and parts of tobacco products.

FDA Regulations: Why Can’t I Get Free E-Cigarette Samples?_Industry News_Blog_Body Image | blu

While it sucks that we can no longer do this at blu, we still get a lot of questions from customers wondering if we’ll be doing anything in the future. Unfortunately, the answer is that we won’t be giving away anything for free, at least until the law changes.

The regulations, which have been debated by a number of people since they came into action last year, were clarified by the FDA in October. The organization said that although free sampling isn’t allowed, e-cigarette vendors are still allowed to offer discounts on products, which will no doubt come as a relief to anyone who visited us on Cyber Monday!

Moving forward, we want to make sure that we keep you informed on the things that matter in the world of vaping. Your feedback led to the writing of this post as so many of you wanted answers to this question. If you have any other questions or queries that you need answered, get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter, or speak to our Customer Service Team, and we’ll always be sure to get back in touch.

Stealth Vaping: Reasons You Should Vape Responsibly

Stealth Vaping: Reasons You Should Vape Responsibly_Vaping Tips_Blog_Header Image | blu

When it first burst onto the scene roughly a decade ago, one of the best things about vaping was that you could vape pretty much anywhere you wanted. However, many venues have enforced stricter rules that prohibit vaping in a lot of different places. To combat this, some vapers practice “stealth vaping”, but this doesn’t necessarily solve the problem and in many cases, can just cause further issues. Here we take a look at what stealth vaping is and why people do it.

What Is Stealth Vaping?

Stealth vaping is the act of vaping in a secret or clandestine way so as not to draw attention to the fact that you are vaping. Many people stealth vape in locations where vaping is not allowed or when they don’t want others to realize that they are vaping.

Stealth Vaping: Reasons You Should Vape Responsibly_Vaping Tips_Blog_Body Image2 | blu

Why Shouldn’t I Stealth Vape?

Vaping somewhere you shouldn’t isn’t a great idea for a number of reasons. First off, there are many places that don’t allow vaping because the state has made it illegal to do so. If you decide to stealth vape in such a place, you could face prosecution for flouting the state laws. If you’re unsure of your state’s position on vaping, check out our State-By-State Guide to Vaping Laws in the USA.

Companies and organizations are also free to implement “no vaping” policies if they want to, so if you’ve made the decision to go there, you should be respectful of their choice or find somewhere that allows vaping and head there instead. If you’re out with other people, it’s also worth considering how they’ll react to your stealth vaping. Whilst some people might not be too bothered by stealth vaping, others might find it strange or annoying.

The reason that vaping isn’t allowed in certain places, such as restaurants or bars, is often because other customers may feel that the smell and presence of the vapor is distracting. For those who choose not to vape, this seems like a fair point. If you were enjoying your meal and get a conflicting smell wafting over, it might spoil your experience.

Stealth Vaping: Reasons You Should Vape Responsibly_Vaping Tips_Blog_Body Image | blu

If you simply want to avoid flooding the room or your immediate surroundings with vapor, potentially because you are in the company of people who don’t vape, then stealth vaping is fine. In this circumstance, you’re just making sure that you don’t annoy your friends and family by vaping to excess. If vaping is to be considered as a totally normal part of everyday life in the future, it’s probably best that you don’t give people who don’t vape a reason to dislike it.

4 Things You Need To Know Before Vaping In Winter

4 Things You Need To Know Before Vaping In Winter_Vaping Tips_Blog_Header Image | blu

With the cold and wet weather, winter months can be harsh whatever your lifestyle or hobbies may be. Winter can also have a big impact on vaping, but luckily there are steps you can take when temperatures start to drop to make sure your e-cigs are in full working order. Take a look at a few vaping tips you’ll find helpful this winter.

Can E-Liquid Freeze?

One obvious question you might have about your e-cig is whether or not the e-liquid inside can freeze when the weather outside is frightful. The good news is that while it can freeze, it has a lower freezing point than water, so frozen puddles at your feet doesn’t necessarily mean frozen e-liquid in your blu. Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, while the two main components of e-liquid, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin freeze at 10 degrees and 2 degrees respectively.

4 Things You Need To Know Before Vaping In Winter_Vaping Tips_Blog_Body Image | blu
For this reason it’s going to have to be very cold for e-liquid to freeze, though the freezing point may vary depending on how much PG or VG is in your e-liquid. One thing to bear in mind is that while your e-liquid might not turn into a popsicle, it may get thicker when cold, so you may need to pay extra attention to your clearomizer in the winter months to ensure you get a good flavor from your e-cigarette.

Protect Your E-Cig

It goes without saying that when winter rolls around you need to take extra care of your car, so it stands to reason that the same applies to your e-cig. One potential issue is that the cold weather can affect battery life, reducing it to around 70% of its usual capacity, so it is important to keep the battery from getting too cold. In relatively mild temperatures, this can be as simple as keeping the battery in an inside pocket to prevent the cold from getting to it, or try keeping it somewhere where it won’t be exposed to chilly temperatures for extended periods.

Use Chapstick When Vaping Outside

Winter can be harsh on the lips, especially when they get chapped from the biting winds and swirling gales. We’ve all laughed at movies and cartoons when people get their tongues stuck to lamp posts and flagpoles, but when your lips get dry during winter, this could happen with your e-cig too. If you’re vaping outside during winter, you should consider using a chapstick to make sure there’s no chance of the tip getting stuck to your lips.

4 Things You Need To Know Before Vaping In Winter_Vaping Tips_Blog_Body Image2| blu

Don’t Get Lost In The Clouds

One side effect of the colder weather is that the clouds of vape you exhale are slightly bigger than usual. While this shouldn’t be a problem for most vapers it is something to consider if you’re vaping in your car. The colder temperatures could also cause your windscreen to fog up more quickly if you’re vaping with the windows closed, so make sure to keep the car nice and toasty to prevent this from happening.

Most of what you need to be aware of when vaping in winter is common sense and looking after yourself and your e-cig, but if you do have any problems with the latter, get in touch with our Customer Service team who will be happy to help.