Did You Know These Celebs Vaped?

If you sometimes feel like you’re one a few people that vape and that you’re being judged for it, don’t worry. You’re in good company! Many very talented people blow out some vapor now and then. Check out these ten celebrities that also belong to the vape community.

1. Jack Black


You either love him or you hate him. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground when it comes to liking Jack Black as an actor and comedian. Apart from acting, Black is also a musician and plays the guitar. Another thing you may not know about Jack Black is that he likes to vape. If you ever spot him at a vape store, chances are he’ll even pose for you.


Celeb Jack Black Vaping
Celeb Jack Black has been known to vape

2. Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez is known for her many roles as a feisty, independent woman who doesn’t need a man to save her. While she may not need a man, Rodriguez does seem to enjoy the company of her vaping device. She’s been spotted at numerous Hollywood events with different kinds of e-cigarettes in her mouth. (Of course, not all at the same time.)

Michelle Rodriguez Vaping
Michelle Rodriguez has been an avid vapor

3. Aidan Turner

Irish actor Aidan Turner is known for his roles in The Hobbit, Desperate Romantics and The Clinic. Of course we also know him from the TV show Poldark. Unfortunately his colleagues on set aren’t always very happy with him. Why not? Aidan likes vaping, which in itself isn’t a problem. But it does become a bit problematic when you vape, dressed as an eighteenth century captain.

Celeb Aidan Turner Vaping
Celeb Aidan Turner has been known to vape on set

4. Jack Nicholson

Vaping is commonly seen as something for twenty-somethings, but Jack Nicholson proves that age doesn’t matter. The actor is also a member of the vaping community and he can even put on a charming smile with his e-cigarette still in his mouth.

Celeb Jack Nicholson Vaping
Jack Nicholson has been known to vape even at the Oscars

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5. Tom Hardy

Tom hardy has been vaping away for years and can be seen exhaling his vapor during interviews every now and then. The Mad Max actor seems to have an expansive collection of devices as he is spotted with a different one pretty often. Hardy actually posted a picture of himself on Instagram with one of his vapes while getting ready for the Oscars back in 2016.

Celeb Tom Hardy Vaping
Tom Hardy enjoys vaping and can often be seen in public with a vape

6. Katy Perry

Katy Perry also likes her vape and ignited lots of rumors at the Golden Globes in 2016 when she shared a vape pen with Orlando Bloom. Who can blame her? It was an eventful night and her vape session with Orlando wasn’t the only thing she did to attract attention…

Celeb Katy Perry Vaping
Katy Perry enjoyed vaping at the Golden Globes with Orlando Bloom

7. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is sometimes considered the Gordon Ramsay of the talent show world. His brutal remarks can even bring contestants to tears, although he seems to have mellowed a bit lately. And his vaping device seems to make the contest judge quite happy.

Celeb Simon Cowell Vaping
Simon Cowell hasn’t been harsh on e-cigs and enjoys vaping

8. Sean Penn

Sean Penn has also been spotted with his e-cigarette at many events. One of the most striking times was at the Clinton Global Initiative conference in 2013. Penn puffed away as he sat on the panel. Fortunately for him, the other panel members didn’t seem to mind.

Celeb Seann Penn Vaping
Sean Penn has been an avid vapor both on set and in public

9. Carrie Fisher

Unfortunately Carrie Fisher isn’t with us anymore. But she lives on in our hearts and of course, through Star Wars. It seems “Leia” was also a vaper and an elegant one at that. She wasn’t ashamed of her habit and even vaped a  blu Disposable on the Today Show.

Celeb Carrie Fisher Vaping
Carrie Fisher made waves when she showed up on the Today Show with a blu