Ten Must-Try Vaping Flavors For Spring

Ever notice how spring gives you a special feeling that changes your outlook on life and how it can make everything seem less drab and gloomy? To celebrate this feeling of new energy, fresh colors and vibrancy all around it’s time to inhale some crisp ‘springfull’ flavors with your vape. Our selection includes myblu™ LIQUIDPODS and blu® LIQUIDS.


Green Apple

This Green Apple flavor combines sweet and sour notes and is crafted to give you a fresh Granny Smith apple flavor. Perfect for spring! Imagine walking through the park, surrounded by blossoming trees, and biting into a juicy green apple. Green is the color of freshness and new leafs. Definitely spring!

Ginseng Ginger

This flavor combines the warming power of ginger and the restorative effects of ginseng. Vaping these flavors creates spicy and sweet notes and will ensure a unique and calming taste. Great when preparing for spring cleaning!

Blue Ice

This uniquely fresh Blue Ice flavor is inspired by the natural blueberry flavor. While inhaling you’ll taste wild, ripened blueberry flavors mixed with icy Menthol. Exactly the kind of freshness you’d expect from spring.

Mango Apricot

Imagine being in paradise and tasting the bright and sweet notes of an apricot combined with the flavorful tartness of a mango. That’s what you get when inhaling the Mango Apricot liquid. Enjoy the taste of spring and experience a full fruit finish.

Eucalyptus Lemon

Eucalyptus and lemon are both very fresh flavors, full of vim and vigor. This flavor was inspired by the refreshing harmony of zesty, sour lemon and the minty features of eucalyptus. It’s designed to experience a dynamic and natural taste while you imagine yourself relaxing under a tree in spring time.


Strawberry Mint

What drink is more suitable for spring than a glass of champagne with a fresh strawberry to release its flavor? Strawberry and mint is a surprising twist on classic flavors combining sweetness with some minty zest. Perfect to get spring started!

Vanilla Crème

This liquid was inspired by the smooth and creamy flavor of vanilla. Experience the sensual, flavorful and lightly aromatic taste. Not too strong, not too sweet. Inhale the calming flavor and allow yourself to enjoy some ‘springfull’ relaxation time.

Peach Passion

Passionately peachy. Fresh, fragrant and ripe peaches are the embodiment of a luscious spring. This flavor was crafted with notes of peach and seasonal spices and will have you relaxed and embracing the subtle and sweet smell of spring!

Mint Chocolate

Imagine inhaling the bitter and minty taste of an After Eight chocolate. This classic flavor pairing ensures an upgrade of your vaping experience and will provide you with a rich, decadent cocoa taste blended with cool notes of mint.

Tropic Tonic

Spring makes you think of warmth, energy and fresh sparkles. This tropical blend will do just that and transport you to a tropical place. The flavor combines pineapple, mango and passionfruit aromas to create a subtle yet sweet, citrusy flavor. Indulge in these exotic flavors, inspired by the Pacific Islands.



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