Vaping Subcultures: What’s Your Vaper Style?

Many people view vaping as a subculture, although a standard vaper doesn’t really exist. There are different types of vapers and subcultures within the vaping community. What kind of vaper are you? Are you a Flavorist, Cloud Chaser, Trickster, Hobbyist or Mentor?

1: The Flavorist – The flavor chaser vaper

For Flavorists, vaping is all about the flavors, as the name suggests. They always look for new flavors to try and never really stick with one flavor for long. They usually have quite a collection of discarded flavors, but are never really satisfied with what they have.

If you think you may be a Flavorist, check out our blu PRO™ vape. We have eleven different delicious flavors to try, from Blueberry to Strawberry Mint.

2: Cloud chaser – competition-worthy vapor plumes

Some vapers enjoy creating as much vapor as possible

Cloud Chasing has become a big deal in the last few years and has actually turned into a vaping sport. Competitions are held around the world where vapers try to exhale the largest and most interesting plumes of vapor. Cloud Chasers are obsessed with vapor clouds and constantly try to get their devices to create more and thicker vapors.

blu doesn’t actually sell specialized vapes to compete in cloud chasing competitions, but even Cloud Chasers like to just relax with a refreshing e-liquid. We can definitely help you out with this and recommend our myblu™ device. It delivers optimum sensation and vapor in a compact design.

3: Trickster – Vape rings, balls and other vape tricks

Tricksters are similar to Cloud Chasers, but instead of trying to create the biggest cloud they’re into vape tricks. They blow out the vapor in different shapes like rings and balls. Or they might simultaneously blow out the vapor from their nose as well as in two directions from their mouth. Sometimes they even use accessories such as balloons to perform the ultimate trick.

If you love to do tricks, then you definitely fall into this category of vapers. You’ll probably want a device with a large battery so you can practice all day long. Our blu PRO™ device would be perfect for your needs and can keep you doing tricks.

4: Hobbyist – The vape collector & aficionado

You can consider a Hobbyist as someone who collects everything that has to do with vaping. Devices, liquids, mods — you name it, they have it. Hobbyists are willing to spend a lot of money on their pastime and often don’t even use most of the gear they have. Instead, they put it on display to enjoy looking at their collection.

For Hobbyists, we offer a variety of devices to showcase. Our myblu™ device is compact, while the blu PRO™ vape is our most advanced model. You may also want to collect all six of our disposable vaping options.

5: Casual Vaper – the ‘now-and-again’ vaper

Casual Vapers aren’t really interested in new vaping developments or the latest vaping devices. Usually they don’t even know what all the components of their device are called and just like to vape now and then. They’re quite happy with their device and stick to the flavors they know, although they may try something else once in a while.

If you’re a Casual Vaper, you don’t want to constantly buy new devices, so disposable vapes are probably not for you. We recommend using our myblu™ device to suit your casual vaping style. We even have a special offer at the moment, so you won’t need to break the bank.

6: Mentor – The vape expert & historian

A mentor is an experienced vaper who pretty much knows everything there is to know about vaping. It’s the person you can turn to with all your questions about vaping and fortunately mentors are happy to share their veteran knowledge with you. Mentors have been vaping since long before you even knew it was a thing and they’re usually the people answering all those questions on Reddit.

If you’re a mentor, we don’t have to tell you which device would be perfect for you. Of course you already know. Still, we’d like to suggest our blu PRO™ device as it offers the most advanced blu vaping experience. Try it for a smoother taste, premium features and a vaping experience that is as unique as you are.

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