Vaping At The Football

For any vapers who consider themselves football fans, there’s always one question on their mind: can I vape at the stadium? We’ve previously looked at the vaping laws when it comes to baseball and golf, so here we give you all the information you need to enjoy your day at the gridiron.

Before checking out the details for each stadium, we can tell you that there aren’t any stadiums that allow vaping in the stands, but by reading our guide you can make sure that you can plan your trip as necessary. This may mean that you’re able to head outside the stadium or to a specific area of the ground to vape, or that you make sure to do so before coming to the stadium.

Local laws can change frequently so to be absolutely sure of the vaping regulations, check with the stadium before the you go to the game.

Can I Vape At NFL Stadiums | blu

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