New York Legislators Crackdown On Vaping

New York state has made significant moves in recent weeks to clamp down on where its residents can and can’t use e-cigarettes. As of November 22, vaping will no longer be allowed in public indoor spaces. The bill, which was signed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo in late October, will include all workplaces, restaurants and bars.

Roughly 70% of local jurisdictions already had bans in place, so the majority of vapers shouldn’t be affected by this change. The vaping ban has also extended to outdoor public spaces – including places such as Central Park and Times Square – meaning that vapers could face a fine if they are found to be vaping in these locations.

10 other states, including California and New Jersey, have already put statewide bans on where you can use e-cigarettes into place. Many large cities have also enacted restrictions on vaping, with Boston and Chicago two of the most notable examples of this action. Despite this, New York remains one of the most active states when it comes to legislation on e-cigarettes and vaping in recent times, and further changes could be coming in the future.

New York state assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal has been reported to have asked the state to ban flavored vape juice. Whilst the bill hasn’t yet been advanced to the Senate, it still represents a worrying trend for those who use e-cigarettes responsibly. The American Vaping Association has been one of the most vocal critics of this proposal with president Gregory Conley saying:

“The AVA supports common-sense regulation of its products, such as New York City’s existing ban on the sale to minors. But adults are free to make their own choices.”

A similar bill was put before the Senate by Senator Brad Hoylman in March but didn’t get past the Senate Health Committee. However, Hoylman has said he will work with Rosenthal to put the issue to the Senate once more in January.

For this reason, we urge anyone who is unhappy with these proposed changes to get active and let it be known that these changes wouldn’t be welcomed by everyone in New York. At blu, we believe that those who choose to use e-cigarettes are being increasingly overlooked, and it’s up to the whole vaping community to come together to make sure that vapers aren’t forced out.

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