Which Airports Can I Vape In?

Tickets, passport, money…e-cigarette? Whether you’re flying away on business, escaping the office with an awesome getaway or heading home to see the family, everyone wants their airport experience to be as seamless as possible. As you can’t vape on any major airline, it’s important that you plan your trip so you can vape before you get on the plane. Lucky for you, blu has put together an interactive guide to vaping at airports across the USA!

The guide includes information on whether or not the airport you’re flying from has a space that you can vape in and any relevant information that you might need to know before you arrive.

All the information in this guide is subject to change so make sure to check when you get to any of the locations you can vape in that you’re still OK to use your e-cigarette. If there are any airports that you want to know about that aren’t on our guide, get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll be more than happy to get it added to the list.


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