FDA Regulations: Why Can’t I Get Free E-Cigarette Samples?

At blu, one of the things we used to love most was giving customers the chance to try our e-cigarettes and flavors so that they could weigh their options before picking the combo that worked best for them. Whether this happened on the street or through one of our social media pages, we loved giving people the power to choose something better. However, some of you may have noticed recently that we haven’t been doing this as frequently, and the even more observant among you will have realized that we haven’t been doing this at all.

The reason behind all this isn’t because we’ve gotten cheaper over the years but due to FDA regulations which now include ENDs products (which includes e-cigarettes) under the federal free sampling ban.  This means that as of August 8, 2016 the free sample ban automatically applies to all tobacco products – including e-cigarettes – subject to FDA’s tobacco product authority, including components and parts of tobacco products.

FDA Regulations: Why Can’t I Get Free E-Cigarette Samples?_Industry News_Blog_Body Image | blu

While it sucks that we can no longer do this at blu, we still get a lot of questions from customers wondering if we’ll be doing anything in the future. Unfortunately, the answer is that we won’t be giving away anything for free, at least until the law changes.

The regulations, which have been debated by a number of people since they came into action last year, were clarified by the FDA in October. The organization said that although free sampling isn’t allowed, e-cigarette vendors are still allowed to offer discounts on products, which will no doubt come as a relief to anyone who visited us on Cyber Monday!

Moving forward, we want to make sure that we keep you informed on the things that matter in the world of vaping. Your feedback led to the writing of this post as so many of you wanted answers to this question. If you have any other questions or queries that you need answered, get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter, or speak to our Customer Service Team, and we’ll always be sure to get back in touch.

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