blu Fan of the Month: December

Throughout this year we’ve been getting to know you, the people of bluNation®, and hear more about how you first got into vaping with blu and what it means to you. Our latest fan of the month is Victoria, and we asked her about why she vapes with blu as well as a little about herself.

If you want to be in with a chance of being featured as our next Fan of the Month, fill out our questionnaire and tell us: What makes you stand out from other blu vapers? You’ll get the chance to appear on the blu Blog and you’ll receive a $100 gift card! For more information on the competition, check out the terms and conditions here.

Meet our December Fan of the Month: Victoria

How long have you used blu?

I have been delighted by blu for about two years now.

What’s your favorite blu product?

The blu PLUS+™.

What’s your favorite flavor and why?

My absolute favorite flavor is Blue Ice. It’s just a very fresh-tasting flavor.

Tell us about your blu experience.

blu is something you can pretty much enjoy anywhere. I like that I can vape in my home or vehicles and both places don’t smell like smoke.

You have the entire day to spend doing whatever you want. How do you spend it?

If I could spend an entire day doing whatever I wanted, I’d just want to spend time with my fiancé and son. Even if it were just relaxing at home, our busy schedules make it very hard to spend time all together sometimes, so that would be awesome.

Where are your go-to vaping spots?

My go-to vape spots are at home and at work. I love being able to relax at home in my living room with my blu, some wine, and play Skyrim!

Any advice for someone new to blu?

I would definitely recommend trying any blu flavors you can find. They all are actually rather good in their own way, and it’s interesting to change up the flavors! Also, I always keep a backup blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Device, so when mine needs to recharge, I can still vape.

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