Thanksgiving: What blu Is Thankful For This Year

The holiday season is finally upon us, and that means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. There’s plenty that we’re all thankful for every day, and to give you a closer look at what we’re about at blu, we asked some our team to tell us what they’re most thankful for this year.

Sara Thompson, Lab Assistant

“I am thankful for my mother. There is never a time when I do not need her. No matter how many times I say I love her it is never enough. I am so grateful for her support and comfort when I need it the most. She is my rock, the one I go to when times are hard, and the one I get the best advice from. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her by my side.”

Jocquelyn Davis, Retail Specialist

“I am thankful for my new daughter-in law-Cristina!! I have known Crissy for years and she has been dear to me. When my son proposed to her, I was so very happy that he finally got the one that was right for him…and me haha. Crissy has brought a certain happiness to our family.

“When she calls me Mom I just smile because it is so endearing to hear that from her, it sounds just right coming from her. Even the team is aware of how close we are and refer to me as her Mom!! So this Thanksgiving I am celebrating with my son and his new wife, my new daughter, Cristina Davis.”

Julie Walters, Marketing Activation Manager

“In April of this year I went to a dog adoption event with the intent of ‘just looking’. All of the dogs were very excited, jumping around and barking but I spotted one little guy straight chilling off to the side, just observing the chaos. I went over to him to say hi and he came up to me, sat on my feet, and made it clear that I was not leaving without him.

“I went there looking for a senior, medium sized dog and I left with a one-year-old, 10 pound Pomeranian mix. He was already responding to the name “E” but taking into account his mellow, easy going nature, he became ‘Eazy-E’. He’s my world and has become somewhat of a blu mascot, hanging out on the window sill in Marketing, watching over the hood and providing cuddles when needed. There is nothing I am more thankful for in 2017 than my son, Eazy-E.”

PJ Moffett, Global Logistics Manager

“I am thankful for the health of myself, my family and my friends. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Even Wayne Jones who is Australian and doesn’t celebrate it.”

Ryan Coalson, Director of Operations

“For two happy and well-adjusted children. With all that is happening in the world, these two continue to thrive, love one another and to be caring members of society. I often hear comments about ‘today’s children’, but my experience with my kids and their friends has been nothing but positive. I am thankful for the adults that they are becoming, that I don’t go about in worry for their future and excited to see where they are headed.”

Morgan Tucker, Global Consumer Insights Manager

“Regardless of how my future turns out, I’m thankful for the opportunity to be part of blu and getting to know the good people here.”

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