blu and Vaping360 Giveaway

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blu has teamed up with Vaping360, the world’s largest vaping media website, to giveaway some fantastic prizes for a lucky few.

How to Enter

Entering the competition is easy; simply visit the Vaping360 giveaway page and sign-up for our email newsletter or sign up to become a member of bluNation®. If you prefer all-things social, you can also enter by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

To ensure your entry is valid, complete any of these actions via the Vaping360 website – that way, we know you’re in it to win it!

The competition will be running until Wednesday November 29. Good luck!


Entry only available to (1) age-verified adults who meet the age requirements for their state of residency (2) adults who create a new blu account on or after Thursday November 23, 2017.

Winners will be selected Wednesday November 29, 2017.

No purchase necessary for entry.

This Giveaway is void in Massachusetts, Michigan, outside the remaining (48) United States and the District of Columbia, and where prohibited by law. Offer is valid only in the U.S. via online checkout.

The competition Winner will receive a blu PRO™ device, an additional blu PRO™ Clearomizer and 5 blu® Liquids for 80% off the recommended retail price (Coupon), the brand new Amazon Echo PLUS and a $50 Amazon voucher.

There will also be 4 runner-ups, who will each get their hands on a $50 Amazon voucher (cannot be changed for a different selection of products).

The Prize may not be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or discount, or for any other customer using the same credit card number for payment.

Coupon IS NOT VALID FOR RETAIL TRANSACTIONS. Void Coupon if copied, sold, transferred or assigned.

Coupon may only be received through a valid code provided to a blu account member and is intended for onetime use before the code becomes invalid.

All information received by the Competition Winner (including full name and email address) will not be shared with any third parties by Vaping360 or blu.

Limitation of Liability.
blu is not liable for the outcome of this giveaway; sole liability lies with Vaping360.

Use in violation of the terms of the offer herein may be illegal and fraudulent.

Any participant found to be operating multiple accounts for this offer will be in breach of these terms and the promoter will determine at its sole discretion by whatever means it deems necessary to establish if different entries or accounts are connected to the same person.

Participants, whether individually or acting in a group, will be found to be in breach of these specific terms if the promoter at its sole discretion has reason to believe that a promotion has been abused, manipulated, or that irregular, fraudulent, collusive or illegal activity has occurred.


To the fullest extent permitted by law: participants agree that these terms and conditions (and any non-contractual disputes/claims which arise out of or in connection with them) will be governed by law of North Carolina (except for conflicts-of-law/choice of law provisions); to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state or federal courts located in North Carolina; waive any right of change of venue, inconvenient forum or the like; agree to bring any action individually (and not as part of a class action); and that their recovery in any such action is limited to actual costs involved in participating in the Sweepstakes (if any), with all rights to attorneys’ fees and any and all damages (including special, compensatory, punitive, consequential damages) being expressly waived. If any part of this subsection or other provision of these terms and conditions is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be stricken from these terms and conditions and replaced with a substitute provision that most closely reflects Promoter’s original intent and is legal, valid and enforceable. Should a given provision be determined to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, such determination shall not affect the balance of these terms and conditions.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine derived from tobacco. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

blu®, and the blu logo are trademarks of Fontem Holdings 4 B.V. ©2017 Fontem

Thanksgiving: What blu Is Thankful For This Year

Thanksgiving: What blu Is Thankful For_Blog_Header Image | blu

The holiday season is finally upon us, and that means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. There’s plenty that we’re all thankful for every day, and to give you a closer look at what we’re about at blu, we asked some our team to tell us what they’re most thankful for this year.

Sara Thompson, Lab Assistant

“I am thankful for my mother. There is never a time when I do not need her. No matter how many times I say I love her it is never enough. I am so grateful for her support and comfort when I need it the most. She is my rock, the one I go to when times are hard, and the one I get the best advice from. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her by my side.”

Jocquelyn Davis, Retail Specialist

“I am thankful for my new daughter-in law-Cristina!! I have known Crissy for years and she has been dear to me. When my son proposed to her, I was so very happy that he finally got the one that was right for him…and me haha. Crissy has brought a certain happiness to our family.

“When she calls me Mom I just smile because it is so endearing to hear that from her, it sounds just right coming from her. Even the team is aware of how close we are and refer to me as her Mom!! So this Thanksgiving I am celebrating with my son and his new wife, my new daughter, Cristina Davis.”

Julie Walters, Marketing Activation Manager

“In April of this year I went to a dog adoption event with the intent of ‘just looking’. All of the dogs were very excited, jumping around and barking but I spotted one little guy straight chilling off to the side, just observing the chaos. I went over to him to say hi and he came up to me, sat on my feet, and made it clear that I was not leaving without him.

“I went there looking for a senior, medium sized dog and I left with a one-year-old, 10 pound Pomeranian mix. He was already responding to the name “E” but taking into account his mellow, easy going nature, he became ‘Eazy-E’. He’s my world and has become somewhat of a blu mascot, hanging out on the window sill in Marketing, watching over the hood and providing cuddles when needed. There is nothing I am more thankful for in 2017 than my son, Eazy-E.”

PJ Moffett, Global Logistics Manager

“I am thankful for the health of myself, my family and my friends. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Even Wayne Jones who is Australian and doesn’t celebrate it.”

Ryan Coalson, Director of Operations

“For two happy and well-adjusted children. With all that is happening in the world, these two continue to thrive, love one another and to be caring members of society. I often hear comments about ‘today’s children’, but my experience with my kids and their friends has been nothing but positive. I am thankful for the adults that they are becoming, that I don’t go about in worry for their future and excited to see where they are headed.”

Morgan Tucker, Global Consumer Insights Manager

“Regardless of how my future turns out, I’m thankful for the opportunity to be part of blu and getting to know the good people here.”

The Must Have Accessories Every Vaper Needs

Best Vaping Accessories_Vaping Tips_Blog_Header Image | blu

While there are some accessories available from blu to help you improve your vaping experience, there will still be some vapers looking for more ways to enhance the way they vape. To help out, we’ve put together a list of some of the must-have vaping accessories and how they can be used to take your vape to the next level!

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths may not seem like a logical accessory for e-cig users to have, but they are arguably the most important. Usually used for cleaning screens or lenses, microfiber cloths are the perfect way to keep your e-cigarette as clean as possible.

Microfiber cloths have much finer fibers compared to regular cloths, and this means that they won’t leave behind anywhere near as much dust or lint. Given that excess dust is often part of the reason for an e-cig battery not working, having a microfiber cloth handy is a really good way of keeping your battery in good working condition.

The majority of microfiber cloths are reasonably cheap and can be bought in bulk online, so there’s no reason not to have a few stashed around the house or at work to keep your e-cig in good condition.

Portable USB Chargers

The lifesaver of any frequent festival-goer, portable USB chargers could prove very handy if you find your e-cig is running out of charge on a regular basis. While the blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Kit comes with a case that will charge your e-cigs on the go, those who use the Xpress Kit or the blu PRO™ may need to find a different way of keeping their e-cigarette’s battery charged.

Most portable USB chargers can be charged in just a couple of hours and can then be plugged into your e-cig using it’s USB charging cable. Whilst we would recommend charging your e-cig from a laptop or wall outlet whenever possible, having a portable USB charger can serve as a good back-up if you’re out for a few hours.

Another way of charging your e-cig similar to this is to use a car charger which will plug into the outlet on the car’s dashboard before plugging into your e-cig’s USB charging cable. This can be useful if you forget to charge your e-cig and want to get it fully charged on the way to work.   

Silicone Mat

When you’re taking apart your e-cigarette, you might find that it’s hard to keep all the parts in one place, especially if you’re vaping something larger like the blu PRO™. To help keep all the different parts of the e-cigarette in one place, a lot of vapers use small silicon mats when taking their device apart.

The silicon in the mat means that the parts won’t roll around, making it easier for you when you’re filling or cleaning your e-cig. There are some available with raised edges to make extra sure your stuff stays in place and there are others than have deeper indentations allowing you to stand the parts of your e-cigarette up which could be especially helpful when refilling. A silicone mat could also be useful if you like to vape in the car but worry about dropping your e-cig on the floor.

Extra Batteries

You can only plan so far ahead, and even the most prepared of vapers will find themselves in a jam with a battery that’s out of charge. Ultimately the best accessory any vaper can carry with them is an extra battery or two as this way you can avoid waiting to recharge your battery once it runs out and keep on vaping!

Nazy 2018 Handbag Giveaway Terms and Conditions

2018 Handbag Giveaway




Open to U.S. residents 21 years of age and older.





Sponsored by:  FONTEM US, Inc., dba blu eCigs, 1100 S. Tryon St., Ste. 350, Charlotte, NC 28210


Eligibility: The Handbag Giveaway (the “Promotion”) is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia who are 21 years of age or older at time of entry. All current and former employees of FONTEM US, Inc., dba blu eCigs (“Sponsor”), its parent, divisions, subsidiary and affiliated companies, production and promotion agencies (collectively “Released Parties”), as well as of other entities involved in the development, production or conduct of the Handbag Giveaway, their immediate families (spouses, parents, children, siblings and their spouses) regardless of where they live and same household members (whether related or not), are not eligible.  Members of the general public (i.e., persons who are not legal U.S. residents, 21 years of age or older at time of entry) are also not eligible. The Promotion is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws. Void where prohibited. By participating in the Promotion, you agree to these Official Rules and the decisions of Sponsor, which are final and binding in all respects.

Entry Period:

Entry Period One for the Promotion begins at or after 9am August 14th 2018 and ends on 12:00AM August 20th 2018(“Entry Period One”). For the avoidance of doubt, on August 21st 2018, entries will no longer be accepted.  Potential Winners will be selected on August 21st 2018 via Instagram post announcement on Nazygk official Instagram page.

How to Enter:

  1. Comment below what event you would rock this bag
  2. Must follow @blucigsUSA #blulanta
  3. Winner will be announced August 21st 2018



Only one entry per person. Violation of the entry limit (i.e., “multiple entries by the same person using different Instagram accounts”) will result in voiding of all entries and disqualification from the Promotion.  In addition, persons will be disqualified if they fail to follow all instructions of Sponsor representatives or act in a belligerent, anti-social or otherwise inappropriate manner either toward Sponsor representatives or other persons (all as determined by Sponsor representatives in their sole discretion).   


Prize and Its Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $3000.00 Grand Prize will be awarded in the Promotion. The Grand Prize is: Custom Handbag. ALL TAXES AND OTHER EXPENSES INCURRED BY WINNER IN CONJUNCTION WITH ACCEPTANCE OF THE PROMOTION ARE THE WINNER’S SOLE RESPONSIBILTY. Winner is solely responsible for any and all taxes on prize and will be issued an IRS 1099 Tax Form for the total fair market value of the Grand Prize. Winner agrees to fully cooperate with Sponsor with regard to effecting such required IRS filing, including provision of his/her Social Security Number. Award of prize is subject to any applicable written company policy of Winner’s employer as to the receipt of prizes/awards/gifts from third party entities.  Grand Prize may differ from item as advertised by Sponsor; Sponsor expressly disclaims any and all liability in conjunction therewith. Grand Prize is not transferable without the express written consent of Sponsor, which may be granted or withheld in its sole discretion and without liability of any kind. No Grand Prize substitution by Winner is permitted; Sponsor, however, reserves the right to substitute a prize of comparable value if the Grand Prize is determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion to be unavailable for any reason. Grand Prize is not redeemable or exchangeable for cash.



Odds of winning the Grand Prize depend on the total number of eligible entries received.


Prize Award Procedure: The Potential Winners will be selected from eligible entries who follow @blucigsusa, [comment on post] and use the hashtag #blulanta. Potential Winners selection will take place immediately following the deadline of Entry Period. Once Potential Winners have been selected, their Instagram Username will be announced via Nazygk official Instagram page and contacted by Sponsor via Instagram Direct Message from Sponsor to Potential Winners.  All Potential Winners will be notified by Sponsor. Sponsor is not responsible for any mechanical telephone error, failure or omission; lost or misdirected mail, faxes, or email; neglect on the part of the U.S. Postal Service; or email service disruption. Acceptance of Prize may be time-sensitive. Sponsor is not under any obligation to make good prizes that may expire following the award date. The Potential Winners can claim their prize by responding to the Instagram Direct Message from Sponsor with telephone contact to details.]   You must claim the prize by replying to the Instagram Direct Message with telephone contact details within 24 hours of announcement/attempted contact; a proxy or surrogate CANNOT claim the prize on your behalf.  Potential Winners will supply necessary information to go through required Age Verification Process. To claim prize, Potential Winners must go through Sponsor’s Age Verification Process prior to receiving Prize by providing Sponsor representatives with valid, government-issued photo identification (within the above-indicated time period) as described in communication email on how to claim Prize. Once identification has been verified by Sponsor representatives in their sole discretion, Potential Winner will have an additional 24 hours to review and sign the required Affidavit of Eligibility, Liability Release and Publicity Release (where lawful).

If Potential Winner does not claim prize within the prescribed 24 hour period (time being kept by Sponsor representatives in their sole discretion), photo identification provided by Potential Winner fails to corroborate his/her identity as the entrant as determined by Sponsor representatives in their sole discretion (or potential winners fails to provide such identification altogether), if Potential Winners fails to timely sign and return Affidavit/Release, if potential winners is determined by Sponsor representatives to be ineligible or otherwise in violation of these Official Rules, or if the Grand Prize cannot be delivered to Winner, the Grand Prize will be forfeited and Sponsor shall have no liability to such individual. If Grand Prize is forfeited, Sponsor representative will select an alternate Potential Winners via random drawing from among all remaining eligible entries received.


By accepting Grand Prize, except where prohibited by law, Winner grants FONTEM US, Inc., dba blu eCigs, and its designees the right (but not the legal obligation) to use his/her name, likeness, photo, voice, biographical information, image and other indicia of persona for advertising/publicity/trade purposes without further compensation or notice.




Conditions of Participation: Sponsor and its agencies are not responsible for lost, late, incomplete, illegible, damaged, and misdirected entries or for any technological malfunction, error or failure which prevents or interferes with Sponsor contacting the Potential Winners or offering the Promotion as originally intended (including but not limited to the collection of entries). Submission of entry is the sole responsibility of participant. Proof of submission of entry does not constitute proof of receipt of same or proof of entry. Entries become the sole property of Sponsor and will not be returned. If Sponsor representatives acknowledge receipt of an entry, such acknowledgement does not constitute any representation as to eligibility for the Promotion nor is it otherwise binding upon Sponsor. Sponsor’s failure to enforce any provision of these Official Rules in a given circumstance shall not constitute the waiver of such provision. If Promotion cannot be conducted as originally intended for any reason beyond Sponsor’s control in whole or in part (for example, inclement weather affecting the conduct of Post Malone Concerts), Sponsor reserves the right to cancel, suspend or modify the Promotion (including but not limited to modifying the entry period for the Promotion) and select and notify the Winner in a manner determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion to be fair, appropriate and consistent with these Official Rules.  Notice of such action will be posted Sponsor’s event page and will contact Winners directly, to the extent feasible. Sponsor reserves the right to void entries and/or disqualify persons (if applicable) who attempt to tamper with the Promotion, undermine the operation of the Promotion, or to defraud Sponsor in conjunction with the Promotion.  But, disqualification shall not represent the sole remedy available to Sponsor should persons engage in such conduct; Sponsor expressly reserves its right to pursue all available legal remedies in the event of tampering or fraud.  The Promotion is governed by the internal, substantive laws of the State of North Carolina, and all claims must be resolved individually (NOT as part of a class action) in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina or in North Carolina state court situated in Charlotte, North Carolina. By participating in the Promotion, you agree to the jurisdiction of such courts and waive any and all damages (including compensatory, punitive, incidental, consequential damages) and attorneys’ fees and agree that your recovery shall be limited to your actual costs of participating in the Promotion (if any).


Winner Information:  For the first name/last initial and city/state of Winner, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to “Handbag Giveaway WINNER” c/o of Sponsor at the above address, for receipt within two weeks following Winner selection.





NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  VOID WHERE PROHIBITED.  Open only to legal U.S. residents, 21 or older.  Enter by the specified deadline above for each Entry Period. One (1) entry per person.  Winner to be selected immediately after Entry Period deadline. You must be 21 years of age or older to be eligible to win. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. Winner responsible for taxes & other prize restrictions apply. Subject to Official Rules.

Cyber Monday Sale!

Awesome Cyber Monday E-Cigarette Deals From blu | blu

blu is pleased to announce that we are be holding our annual Cyber Monday sale! From Friday 24 November until Monday 27 November, you’ll be able to get any blu product for 25% off!

To get your discount all you have to do is have an active blu account, so if you don’t already have one, register before heading to the checkout.

Make sure to act fast, as this offer will end at midnight on Monday 27 November and will only apply as long as stocks last. Happy shopping!

Changes To blu Packaging In 2018

Changes To blu Packaging_Blog_Header Image | blu

We like to make sure that we always keep you in the loop with all things blu. So around the end of February 2018, keep an eye out for a few changes we’ll be making to our packaging in order to remain in compliance with recent FDA packaging requirements.

Don’t worry! None of these changes will affect the quality or function of the product we provide as the changes will only apply to the packaging and not our e-cigarettes.

You will notice these changes on certain blu® products in the following ways:

  • All blu® packaging and advertising will bear the following required warning statement: “WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.”
  • We’ll be selling our blu PLUS+™ Xpress Kit in a new, paper box similar to our current disposables packaging so the aforementioned label cannot be removed.
  • We will no longer classify our e-liquid nicotine strengths as HIGH, MED and NON. Instead, we will use percentage amounts that reflect the amount of nicotine that makes up the e-liquid: 2.4%, 1.2% and 0%. You can visit our Explore Vaping section to learn more about the different nicotine strengths in e-liquid.

During this transitional period, some shipments may contain a mix of past and updated packaging or labels.

While we’re working on these changes, we took the liberty of making a few updates of our own. We’re changing up the design of our blu® Disposables box to keep things as consistent and eye-catching as always. You like to stand out from the crowd and so do we!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the changes to our packaging or advertising, feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-207-4588.

5 Things To Look Out For When You Start Vaping blu

The Top 5 Things To Look Out For When You Start Vaping | blu

Vaping for the first time is a big decision for a lot of people, so it makes sense to be prepared before you start so there aren’t any surprises. Here we go through a few things that you should expect and look out for when you first start vaping with blu.

1. Getting The Device That Works For You

There are a few different types of e-cigarette kit available from blu, so it’s understandable if you’re unsure which one will work best for you. The blu PLUS+™ is a smaller, sleeker e-cigarette which makes it easier to carry around, whereas the blu PRO™ is more powerful and lasts for much longer. The blu PLUS+™ comes in two different kits: the Rechargeable Kit and the Xpress Kit. There are also blu® Disposable e-cigarettes which don’t need to be charged or refilled and can be used straight out of the box, making them ideal for travel.

As we said, it can be a little overwhelming, but there’s tons of information in the About blu section of our website which will help you decide on the best e-cigarette for your vaping needs. It’s also worth noting that many vapers will change the type of e-cig they use, so if one isn’t quite working for you, it may just be that you’d be better off with another one.

2. Different Flavors

One of the best things about vaping is that there are loads of different flavors to try, but when you start vaping it can be a little confusing as to which one will be best for you. Many people like the familiar taste of Tobacco or Menthol, but there are also flavors such as Blueberry and Cherry to try should you want something different.

The best thing to do is to keep an open mind and accept that it may take some time to find your perfect flavor. Many vapers like to vape a number of different flavors depending on their mood.

 The Top 5 Things To Look Out For When You Start Vaping | blu

3. Finding The Right Nicotine Strength

As with flavors, e-liquid also comes in a number of different nicotine strengths which will affect your vape. The different levels of nicotine can be confusing, but in time most vapers find ones that they like best. Many vapers start with a higher concentration of nicotine and, over time, some vapers like to decrease the level of nicotine in their e-liquid. There are even 0% nicotine e-liquids for those who want to vape without it.

For more information on how to pick the right nicotine strength in your e-liquid, check out our guide on finding the right nicotine strength for you.

4. E-Cigarette Maintenance

Looking after your e-cigarette is important as you’ll want it to last for as long as possible. There are a few different factors to consider when you start vaping, such as keeping your e-cigarette clean, finding a good place to store it and looking after the e-cigarette’s battery.

All of these things are pretty easy to pick up but can be a bit confusing if you’ve not come across e-cigarettes before. Fortunately, there’s loads of information our site about how to look after your e-cigarette:

5. Where Can I Vape?

Understanding where you can and can’t vape is also important, as the rules on using e-cigarettes in various locations has changed a lot over the years. When e-cigarettes were first introduced, there were few regulations restricting the use of e-cigarettes in locations such as at work or in restaurants, meaning that one of the advantages of using e-cigarettes was that they could be used inside of public places.

However, in recent years regulations have been passed to stop people from using e-cigarettes so freely, and as a result there is often a lot of confusion as to where they can be used. Furthermore, different countries often have very different rules relating to e-cigs, meaning that travel can be especially troublesome for those looking to take their e-cigarettes on holiday.

Most locations now have guidelines on where and when you can vape, so the best thing to do before heading anywhere is to check out the website of the place you’re attending for clarification. Members of the staff will also be aware of a location’s vaping rules. If you’re looking to go abroad with your e-cigarettes, blu has a guide to travelling with your e-cigs as well as a rundown on vaping laws across the states and around the world.

blu Fan Of The Month: November

Throughout this year we’ve been looking to get to know you, the people of bluNation®, and hear more about how you got into vaping with blu and what it means to you. Our latest fan of the month is Celeste, and we spoke to her about why she vapes blu as well as a little about herself.

If you want to be in with a chance of being featured as our next Fan of the Month, fill out our questionnaire and tell us: What makes you stand out from other blu vapers? You’ll get the chance to appear on the blu Blog and you’ll receive a $100 gift card! For more information on the competition, check out the terms and conditions here.

Meet our November Fan of the Month: Celeste

How long have you used blu?

I’ve been using blu for almost three years.

What’s your favorite blu product?

blu® Disposables.

What’s your favorite flavor and why?

Cherry Crush is my favorite flavor. It tastes great and the flavor is long-lasting.

Tell us about your blu experience

I enjoy the convenience of blu. It’s portable, no ashes and you don’t need a lighter. When you’re finished, you don’t have to extinguish it like a regular cigarette.

You have the entire day to spend doing whatever you want. How do you spend it?

A picture perfect day at the Jersey shore with my boyfriend, Danny. He would be fishing and I would be sitting at the water’s edge, soaking up the sun, reading a book and enjoying my blu Cherry Crush e-cig.

Where are your go-to vaping spots?

The sun porch with my morning coffee or when I am reading, driving or walking around Center City at lunchtime.

Any advice for a first time vaper or someone new to blu?

blu is a much better experience than the ordinary. Try it, you’ll like it!