Vaping In Fall

Vaping Tips For Fall and Autumnal Flavors of Vape Juice | blu

With summer winding down to a close, it’s time to put the barbecue back in the garage and search through the closet for that warm, fuzzy sweater. The weather in autumn isn’t so extreme that your vape will be affected, but there are a few points you may want to consider.

Vaping Tips For Fall | blu

Fall Vaping Tips

The weather won’t get too cold during fall, but just in case the temperatures start to get really cold, make sure to keep your e-cig nice and warm. If the temperature – and by extension your e-cig – gets below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, your battery may start to lose capacity, meaning that it won’t be able to hold as much charge as before. While it’s unlikely to dip below 32 degrees during the day, towards the back end of fall the nights can get pretty chilly, so don’t leave your e-cig in your car.

What’s more, you shouldn’t use your e-cig at all if it gets below 14 degrees Fahrenheit, as at this temperature your e-liquid may start to freeze, affecting the flavor. The battery won’t work to well in temperatures these low either, so if it does happen to get very cold, take your e-cig back inside the house to enjoy a nice warm vape!

If you want more tips on even colder weather, check out our Vaping Tips For Winter to make sure that your e-cig keeps working at its best.

Vaping Tips For Fall | blu

Best Flavors To Vape In Fall

Fall is hands down one of the most colorful and cozy seasons of them all. Make sure you’re vaping something that suits the season! Here are a few flavors we recommend to compliment the crisper air and cool evenings:

Caramel Café

Nothing says fall like a strong cup of coffee on a cold morning, and our Caramel Café e-cig tanks and e-liquids come with the delicious warmth that is perfect for a cold, early morning on the porch. The warm, luxurious taste of Caramel Café is the perfect way to start any fall weekend.

blu PLUS+ Caramel Cafe™ E-Liquid | blu

Berry Cobbler

If you’re after something even fruitier, try our Berry Cobbler instead. Berry Cobbler is a dessert and fruit flavor that’s finished with subtle notes of vanilla and seasonal berries.

blu PLUS+ Berry Cobbler™ E-Liquid | blu

Mint Chocolate

If you’re looking for a more classic, dessert flavor, Mint Chocolate has the cool, invigorating taste of mint and the rich, decadent taste of cocoa.

blu PLUS+ Mint Chocolate™ E-Liquid | blu


Couple your traditional fall activities with a traditional vape. Tobacco, our most popular flavor, was crafted for warm, full-bodied, authentic flavor.

blu PLUS+ Tobacco™ E-Liquid | blu

Did we leave your favorite off the list? Get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook to let us know your fall go-to.

How Do E-Cigarette Batteries Work?

All e-cigarettes are powered by batteries located inside the e-cig itself and most can be charged and recharged multiple times. (Which is why here at blu, we call our batteries “rechargeable devices”.) The mechanics of an e-cigarette battery are simple: the battery powers the coil inside the clearomizer, tank or disposable, which is then heated to convert the e-liquid into vapor. This vapor is then inhaled by the person using the e-cigarette.

But how does it all come together?

If you’re curious as to how e-cigarette batteries work, look no further! Here we’ll go through a few of the key points on how your battery powers your e-cig and how you can make sure you look after it as best you can.

What Are E-Cigarette Batteries Made From?

Most e-cigarette batteries (including blu rechargeable devices) are lithium-based. Lithium batteries tend to hold a charge for much longer than other types of batteries, and e-cig batteries are no different in this regard. Lithium batteries are also used in a number of different everyday items such as cameras and clocks.

The battery itself is turned on either with a button or via a pressure sensor that detects a change in air flow. It is sometimes attached to a smart chip which detects usage and activates the heating coil as well as an LED light at the tip of the e-cig. The same LED light can also be activated by the chip when the battery is low, and some e-cigs will flash or pulse when this is the case. Most batteries are recharged using a USB charging cable rather than a device-specific plug.

How Long Do E-Cigarette Batteries Last?

The simple answer is that it depends. Generally speaking, the larger the battery, the longer it will last between charges. However, it’s also important to remember that your e-cig will still need to be fully charged for it to last as long as possible. The battery needs to be used fairly frequently to enable it to hold the maximum charge.

What Are The Different Types Of Battery?

Most e-cigarettes will use one of two different types of battery: automatic or manual. Automatic batteries are fitted with a pressure sensor that detects when you start vaping and will turn on when you inhale. Manual batteries are activated by holding down a button on the side of the e-cigarette. These types of batteries usually need to be switched on by pressing the button when you inhale.

Although there is no necessity for either to be bigger or smaller, automatic batteries tend to be slightly smaller and manual batteries are usually larger. For this reason, vapers who like to use their e-cigs for longer periods of time between charging tend to opt for e-cigarettes with manual batteries.

Some people also prefer manual batteries as there is less of a delay when inhaling the vapor. As you can start pressing the button before you inhale, you can give your e-cig time to produce the vapor before inhaling, whereas automatic e-cigs only start producing vapor after you’ve started inhaling. However, the delay is only slight and usually lasts between 100 to 200 milliseconds, and the majority of people who use automatic batteries are accustomed to this pause when vaping.

If you want more tips on how to look after your e-cigarette battery, check out our video on E-Cigarette Battery Maintenance.

blu Fan Of The Month: September

Fan Of The Month: September | blu

Over the past few months we’ve been hearing some of the stories from you, the people of bluNation®, and our latest fan of the month is John, who we spoke to about why he vapes blu as well as a little about himself.

If you want to be in with a chance of being featured as our next Fan of the Month, fill out our questionnaire and tell us: What makes you stand out from other blu vapers? You’ll get the chance to appear on the blu Blog and you’ll receive a $100 gift card! For more information on the competition, check out the terms and conditions here.

Meet our September Fan of the Month: John Y

blu: How long have you used blu?

John: About 8 months.

What’s your favorite blu product?

The blu PLUS+™.

What’s your favorite flavor and why?

I really enjoy the Cherry Crush. It’s a very smooth flavor with a nice tobacco taste. It’s the perfect flavor for all day.

Tell us about your blu experience.

It’s very convenient for when I want just a few puffs. I’ve tried other vaping products but they had a chemical taste to them, not the blu though.

You have the entire day to spend doing whatever you want. How do you spend it?

I like to sit back by a lake fishing and enjoy my blu. A big plus is there’s no ash or nasty cig butt.

Where are your go-to vaping spots?

Everywhere. Anytime. You can enjoy blu anywhere you go.

Any advice for a first time vaper or someone new to blu?

You gotta try blu. If you’re skeptical try a disposable. They also come in great flavors. Just try blu. I know you’ll love them as much as I do.