Introducing the Something Better Hub

For everyone here at blu, trying to take the next step and improve every day is what gets us out of bed in the morning. This is where our “Something Better” slogan comes from, but for us it’s so much more than just a slogan – it’s an obsession.

Since we started way back in 2009 we’ve come a long way, and it’s only been possible by searching for that little bit of extra in everything we do. Becoming pioneers in the vaping industry has been incredibly hard work, and staying ahead is sure to be even harder. But you better believe that won’t stop us!

To show you why this philosophy is so important to us, we’ve created the Something Better Hub. Here you’ll be able to find inspiring stories from people just like you searching for a different way of living, all the while asking for more out of life and never settling for second best. Making a change is never easy, but the Something Better Hub shows that it’s never too late and with the right attitude, anything is possible.

To get inspired today, visit the Something Better Hub at and find something better today!

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