Labor Day Giveaway

Labor Day Giveaway | blu


Labor Day is one our favorite days of the year – a time to take stock of everything that’s happened over the warmer summer months and celebrate before the nights close in and air gets colder.

We know the value of being able to relax before the fall, and that’s why this Labor Day we want to give something back to you. To celebrate Labor Day this year we’re giving away some amazing blu gear! We’ll be picking three lucky winners after Labor Day, so you have plenty of time to get your entry in.

To enter all you need to do is submit a photo of you enjoying your Labor Day holiday weekend to either our Facebook or Twitter page! On Tuesday September 5, we’ll be picking our top entries and announce the winner on our Facebook and Twitter pages. You can read the terms and conditions in full here.

So for your chance to win this Labor Day, get relaxin’ and send us your photo to make your Labor Day that little bit sweeter!

Introducing the Something Better Hub

Something Better Announcement | blu

For everyone here at blu, trying to take the next step and improve every day is what gets us out of bed in the morning. This is where our “Something Better” slogan comes from, but for us it’s so much more than just a slogan – it’s an obsession.

Since we started way back in 2009 we’ve come a long way, and it’s only been possible by searching for that little bit of extra in everything we do. Becoming pioneers in the vaping industry has been incredibly hard work, and staying ahead is sure to be even harder. But you better believe that won’t stop us!

To show you why this philosophy is so important to us, we’ve created the Something Better Hub. Here you’ll be able to find inspiring stories from people just like you searching for a different way of living, all the while asking for more out of life and never settling for second best. Making a change is never easy, but the Something Better Hub shows that it’s never too late and with the right attitude, anything is possible.

To get inspired today, visit the Something Better Hub at and find something better today!

blu’s Latest Fan Of The Month Winner

blu Fan Of the Month Winner | blu

This year we’ve been taking the time to catch up with some of the loyal vapers from bluNation®, and this month we speak to Kevin about why he uses blu and how he likes to vape.

If you want to be in with a chance of being featured as our next Fan of the Month, fill out our questionnaire and tell us: What makes you stand out from other blu vapers? You’ll get the chance to appear on the blu Blog and you’ll receive a $100 gift card! For more information on the competition, check out the terms and conditions here.

Meet our August Fan of the Month: Kevin B

blu: How long have you used blu?

Kevin: Around seven months now.

What’s your favorite blu product?

The blu PLUS+™.

What’s your favorite flavor and why?

Blueberry is one of my favorite as I love fruity flavors.

You have the entire day to spend doing whatever you want. How do you spend it?

Playing my favorite video games and just relaxing.

Where are your go-to vaping spots?

I have none; I mostly vape in my room.

Any advice for a or someone new to blu?

Use the Disposables to find a flavor you like, then move to the PLUS+.

What Is Cloud Chasing?

What Is Cloud Chasing? | blu

Cloud chasing is the act of exhaling large plumes of vapor after using an e-cigarette. Vapers who cloud chase often use e-liquid with a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin as this base allows for larger clouds of vapor to be exhaled.

Some sources say that cloud chasing started on the West Coast, although its exact region of origin is unknown. What is for sure is that a small group of vapers were looking for something more from their e-cigarettes. On the rise in popularity of cloud chasing, the inventor of the e-cig Hon Lik said:

” When automotive manufacturers first started out, they were not thinking about a sport to be called Formula One. You always have groups of people who are looking for excitement.”

Many vapers across the world have embraced cloud chasing as a more exciting way to vape. Some prefer to do this recreationally with friends and challenge each other to blow larger and larger clouds; however, there are a few vapers who take cloud chasing more seriously and actually compete in competitions.

Cloud chasing competitions are populated with so-called “professional vapers” and “cloud gazers”, those who enjoy simply watching the competitions. Some of the competitions will offer free vaping gear to the best cloud chasers, and a few more serious competitions will feature sponsors and even offer cash prizes! The competitions typically boil down to two different attributes: size and skill. Some competitions challenge vapers to blow the largest clouds they can, whereas others ask vapers to wow the judges with their skills. Some vapers have been known to be able to blow vapor distances of up to six feet.

In the skill competitions, vapers will often exhale in creative ways. One common vaping trick is called “The Dragon” and can be performed by exhaling from the nose and the sides of the mouth at the same time. Another trick, often referred to as “Pushing The O”, involves blowing rings of vapor which can then be manipulated with the hands and by blowing additional vapor rings.

Some long-term vapers have voiced concerns about cloud chasing, particularly in public spaces. Opponents of cloud chasing argue that it gives vaping a negative image, with the concern being that the act of blowing large clouds near non-vapers will annoy them. However, when cloud chasing is practiced responsibly, there shouldn’t be anything for non-vapers or non-cloud chasing vapers to worry about. Fortunately for cloud chasers, it’s clear that this new “sport” is here to stay.

Questions Every Vaper Gets Asked

Questions Every Vaper Gets Asked | blu

For those who haven’t vaped before, or even seen someone vaping, the whole concept is pretty fascinating. As the token vaper in your friend group, there are often a lot of questions to field when you take your e-cigarette out in front of your non-vaping friends. But, as with anything, the questions can start to get a bit tiresome after the first couple hundred. If you’re a vape connoisseur, you’re sure to have heard all these questions at some point; here, we run through the most common questions that vapers get asked and how to respond to them.

“What’s vaping like?”

Something of an odd question – what’s anything like!? Admittedly it’s only natural that non-vapers would be curious and wonder how it feels to vape, but the question isn’t a particularly straightforward one to answer.

“How does vaping work?”

To the untrained eye, an e-cigarette might look pretty complicated, but as you know by now they’re pretty simple to use. Get your e-liquid, charge the battery, and then inhale. It’s simple! You can explain to your friends how the e-liquid gets heated up if they’re eager to learn too.

“What are you exhaling?”

E-cigarettes produce vapor by heating the e-liquid that’s inside them. The vapor is made up of water droplets, and for this reason it evaporates after lingering in the air for a few seconds. Most vapor has the faint smell of whichever flavor it is you’re vaping, but again the smell usually disappears after a few seconds.

“Can I try your e-cigarette?”

The last thing you want is your vape being passed round the group like some gross chew toy. Tell your friends calmly that you’d rather they not, no more than they’d like if you clambered over the dinner table and started chowing down on their appetizer. If they’re genuinely interested, you can advise them to grab a blu for themselves and see what they’re missing.

“Isn’t vaping different flavors weird?”

We’ll give this one some credit because typically, when some people start vaping the idea of using a dessert or fruity flavor instead of traditional tastes such as Tobacco or Menthol might seem a tad strange. But as any loyal Cherry or Caramel Café vaper will attest, pretty soon you can’t imagine vaping anything else!

Dog Days Of Summer

A dog lazing underneath an umbrella in the sun


The dog days of summer are here, and we’re letting all our worries melt away in the sweltering heat. But this year at blu, we want to take dog days a bit more literally. Nothing captures the summer season better than sprawling out on the lawn or chilling by the pool with a furry companion by your side, and that’s why we want you to send in your best pictures with you and your dog enjoying the summer sun!

We’ll be choosing the very best photo after Friday, August 11th and the lucky winner will receive a year’s subscription to BarkBox! To enter the competition, just submit your photo underneath one of our Dog Days Of Summer posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and tell us why your dog means so much to you. You can check out the full T&C’s here.

So grab your camera, huddle up next to man’s best friend and get snapping for your chance to win!