10 Spectacular Hidden Gem Locations In The US

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Tired of the same old vacation year after year? We don’t blame you! At blu we’re all about looking for something better from every aspect of life, and your vacation shouldn’t be any different. That’s why we’ve put together an amazing guide to some of the best hidden gems right here in the USA. Each one is designed to give you the inspiration to get off the beaten track and find something better this summer!

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10 Spectacular Hidden Gem Locations In The US

Hidden Gem Travel Guide Cover


Vapes Abroad

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Don’t wing it this summer – take a look at our guide to taking your e-cigs on vacation!

Mind The Heat!

You may spend the summer looking for the hottest spots to relax and get your tan on, but make sure you look out for your e-cig! Excessive heat isn’t good for your blu as it may harm both the battery and the e-liquid.

If left out in the heat for too long, the flavor of your e-liquid may change, leaving you with a vape that’s not up to our standards! If left out in the heat for too long, your e-liquid may become a lot runnier than you’d normally expect, and this can affect the way that it’s vaporized.

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Heat can also have an adverse effect on the nicotine in your e-liquid, causing it to break down and lose its potency. It’s worth keeping your e-liquid nice and cool to make sure you get the best vape possible. Some people even like to keep their e-liquid in the refrigerator to make sure it’s as fresh as possible before they start vaping.

If you let your battery heat up too much you might find that your battery won’t hold as much charge as it used to. The heat can affect the cell in your battery, so try to keep it out of the sun. It’s not just direct sunlight that can damage it though, and leaving it in a hot car can also damage the battery. If you’re at the beach, make sure you keep your e-cig under your sun umbrella or in a bag.

Know The Law

Getting the hang of e-cig laws here in the States is easy enough, and as a last resort you can always ask someone if you’re not sure. But what happens if you’re abroad and you don’t speak the language?

A sign written in Portuguese saying that vaping is not allowed

Understanding the local vaping laws is important, as there are actually a lot of places where vaping isn’t allowed. Mexico and Brazil are just two examples of countries where e-cigs are completely banned, and many have specific laws on how large the device can be and whether you can buy e-liquid containing nicotine.

The best thing to do is to do your research before jetting off on vacation, and our guide to Global Vaping Laws is the perfect place to start!

Vapes On A Plane

You can’t use your e-cigs on planes anymore, so grab a vape break before you head to the check-in desk. You’ll also need to put your e-liquid in a suitable container before boarding your flight.

Keep your e-liquid bottles or tanks in a clear plastic bag – usually supplied by the airport – and don’t take more than 3.4 ounces of liquid with you, or you could find it taken off your hands!

Make sure to disconnect your tank from your e-cig battery before take-off, wrap your tank and any spare e-liquid, in paper towels and place in a Ziploc bag before take-off. The change in pressure experienced during flight may cause liquid containers to leak, and this way you’ll stop your e-liquid from getting all over your belongings.

What Are The Ingredients In Vape Juice?

A shelf with many different ingredients in glass bottles

E-liquid is made up from just a few different ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), water, flavorings and nicotine. E-liquids typically feature both PG and VG, with one of the two often more dominant than the other. Some e-liquids are 0% nicotine, and these contain exactly the same ingredients minus the nicotine.

How Is E-Liquid Made?

Making e-liquid is a lengthy process, and as with any other recipe, e-liquid ingredients need to be carefully measured before mixing. This is particularly important with nicotine, as it needs to be measured perfectly to ensure that the correct nicotine percentage is obtained.

First, the flavorings are added to the base of PG and VG, and then the mix. It usually requires only a small amount of flavorings to give the e-liquid the punch it needs. Next, the nicotine is then added to the mixture, which is then shaken to ensure the ingredients blend together. After, the e-liquid is left for a few days, allowing the flavor to become richer or more profound. This process is sometimes referred to informally as ‘steeping’ and works in a similar way that you might age a cut of meat or allow a bottle of wine to air before drinking.

Although it sounds simple here, the process is actually quite complicated and we don’t encourage you to try it out for yourself. Just stick to vaping and leave mixing e-liquid to us!

Why Does E-Liquid Use PG And VG?

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are commonly used as additives in a number of different products. Using different ratios of PG and VG will result in your e-liquid giving you a slightly different vape. PG is flavorless, making it a more common base as it will have less of an effect on the taste of the e-liquid. More PG in your e-liquid will give you a thinner liquid – making the e-cig easier to clean – as well as thinner clouds when vaping. Conversely, more VG in your e-liquid will give you much bigger clouds, although its sweeter taste means that it isn’t suitable for use with all flavors.