Can I Vape At The Movie Theater?

Want to unwind after a long week at work? What better way than to get yourself comfortable, devour an XL bucket of popcorn, and escape into two hours of entertainment? But what vapers want to know when they watch a movie is: “can I vape at the movie theater, or should I stay in and stream if I want to vape?”

Movie theaters are split into two sections: the lobby, where you buy your snacks and soda before going into the screens, and the screens themselves. Sadly rules are pretty strict for both. By and large, you cannot vape anywhere within the premises of major movie theaters. If you want to vape, you’ll have to do so outside the building.

Like many public spaces, movie theaters have banned vaping inside their buildings to ensure non-vaping patrons aren’t upset. The potential for this happening is increased at the movie theater, where there’s a risk of vape clouds causing a distraction. If vapers use their e-cigarettes in the screens themselves, the vape clouds could cover the screen, inviting complaints from moviegoers. That’s obviously not a good situation for the theaters, cinemagoers or vapers.

While this isn’t great news for vapers, it shouldn’t stop you heading to your local movie theater to catch the latest release anyway. After all, a visit to the movies is just one part of a night, often accompanied by dinner or a trip to a bar. Just work a vaping session into the overall plan for the night and not being able to vape at the movie theater won’t matter.

If you really want to vape at the movie theater, you may be able to do so in some smaller venues, but it’s highly unlikely. If you’re not sure, check with someone at the theater you’re visiting and they’ll be able to give a firm yes or no.

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