The Daddy Of All Deals!



In case you’ve forgotten, it’s Father’s Day in just a few short days!

This means you’ll need to find your dad a gift, but where to start? You could always cop out with some socks, but you got him some at Christmas. Or maybe a mug saying ‘World’s Best Dad’? Hmm…it’s a tad unoriginal. Or how about some music for his drive to work? Pfft, I’m not sure he’s a fan of anything made after I was born!

So what to do, what to do? If only there was something different, something…better?

Lucky for you, you’ve got blu on your side! This Father’s Day we’re offering 10% off all blu® Liquids!

This is the ideal gift for any doting dad and is the perfect way to say thanks for all those years at your side. There are loads of flavors to choose from depending on what your dad is after, and with blu you’re sure to find something a million times better than another pair of socks!

Just enter discount code DADDY10 at the checkout to redeem the offer and make your Father’s Day one to remember!

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