5 Best Alternative Road Trip Routes In The USA

Nothing beats hitting the open road with nothing but a map and a head full of plans. Feeling the breeze in your face and the sun glinting down on the hood of your car, a road trip is a true rite of passage that everyone should take at some point. So where should you be heading if you wanna vape on the open road? Here we take a look at the 5 best alternative road trip routes in the U.S.

Route 50

A great alternative to the much famed Route 66, Route 50 starts off in California and runs across the north of the U.S. right through to Washington D.C. Instantly recognizable to Forrest Gump fans and stretching over 3,000 miles, Route 50 is the same length as 44,000 football fields.

An image of Route 50 with a mountain range in the distance

The drive takes a minimum of 40 hours, and that’s without counting stops for gas and bathroom breaks! Route 50 is often described as “The Loneliest Road In America” as its stretch through Nevada runs mostly through rural deserts and mountains. Although you may be short on company, you won’t be short on wonder as the landscape along Route 50 is magnificent as you ride past jaw-dropping plains and ominous mountains.

Highway 61

Highway 61, which is also known as the Blues Highway, runs from the city of Wyoming in Minnesota down to Louisiana. Around a thousand miles shorter than Route 66, this route has many connections with the music industry as Bob Dylan, Johnny Young and Sunnyland Slim all have songs named after it.

A photo of a sign indicating Route 61

Music fans will want to make sure to stop off at the number of famous music sites along the way including B.B. King’s Blues Club and Graceland, the home of the King!

Beartooth Highway

Described by the late journalist Charles Kuralt as “the most beautiful drive in America”, Beartooth Highway runs along Route 212 in Montana near to Yellowstone National Park.

A shot of Beartooth Highway passing green fields and mountains

Its extreme elevation – it is nearly 11,000 feet above sea level – means that it is often closed due to snow during the colder months. When it is passable in summer, it has spectacular views of the landscape, with lush green fields contrasted against the harsh, rocky mountains behind them.

Hana Highway

The island of Maui is home to stunning scenery forged by Hawaii’s surges in volcanic activity, and it is also home to one of the more picturesque routes in the U.S. Hana Highway connects the town of Hana in the east with Kahului and boasts some of the island’s best attractions on its route.

A bridge on the Hana Highway

There are a series of waterfalls to visit including the spectacular Wailua Falls in the southeast corner of the island. Hana Highway’s winding roads hug the cliff closely allowing you to get a wonderful view of the ocean.

Blue Ridge Parkway

This All-American Road runs 469 miles from Virginia down to North Carolina past some of the country’s most amazing scenery. Some of the natural highlights along the route include Cold Mountain and Devil’s Courthouse.

A photo of Blue Ridge Parkway with rolling, misty hills in the background

The longest linear park in the United States, Blue Ridge Parkway is best visited in the fall when the trees start to change color, giving the route a glorious backdrop.

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