5 Best Alternative Road Trip Routes In The USA

A photo of Blue Ridge Parkway with rolling, misty hills in the background

Nothing beats hitting the open road with nothing but a map and a head full of plans. Feeling the breeze in your face and the sun glinting down on the hood of your car, a road trip is a true rite of passage that everyone should take at some point. So where should you be heading if you wanna vape on the open road? Here we take a look at the 5 best alternative road trip routes in the U.S.

Route 50

A great alternative to the much famed Route 66, Route 50 starts off in California and runs across the north of the U.S. right through to Washington D.C. Instantly recognizable to Forrest Gump fans and stretching over 3,000 miles, Route 50 is the same length as 44,000 football fields.

An image of Route 50 with a mountain range in the distance

The drive takes a minimum of 40 hours, and that’s without counting stops for gas and bathroom breaks! Route 50 is often described as “The Loneliest Road In America” as its stretch through Nevada runs mostly through rural deserts and mountains. Although you may be short on company, you won’t be short on wonder as the landscape along Route 50 is magnificent as you ride past jaw-dropping plains and ominous mountains.

Highway 61

Highway 61, which is also known as the Blues Highway, runs from the city of Wyoming in Minnesota down to Louisiana. Around a thousand miles shorter than Route 66, this route has many connections with the music industry as Bob Dylan, Johnny Young and Sunnyland Slim all have songs named after it.

A photo of a sign indicating Route 61

Music fans will want to make sure to stop off at the number of famous music sites along the way including B.B. King’s Blues Club and Graceland, the home of the King!

Beartooth Highway

Described by the late journalist Charles Kuralt as “the most beautiful drive in America”, Beartooth Highway runs along Route 212 in Montana near to Yellowstone National Park.

A shot of Beartooth Highway passing green fields and mountains

Its extreme elevation – it is nearly 11,000 feet above sea level – means that it is often closed due to snow during the colder months. When it is passable in summer, it has spectacular views of the landscape, with lush green fields contrasted against the harsh, rocky mountains behind them.

Hana Highway

The island of Maui is home to stunning scenery forged by Hawaii’s surges in volcanic activity, and it is also home to one of the more picturesque routes in the U.S. Hana Highway connects the town of Hana in the east with Kahului and boasts some of the island’s best attractions on its route.

A bridge on the Hana Highway

There are a series of waterfalls to visit including the spectacular Wailua Falls in the southeast corner of the island. Hana Highway’s winding roads hug the cliff closely allowing you to get a wonderful view of the ocean.

Blue Ridge Parkway

This All-American Road runs 469 miles from Virginia down to North Carolina past some of the country’s most amazing scenery. Some of the natural highlights along the route include Cold Mountain and Devil’s Courthouse.

A photo of Blue Ridge Parkway with rolling, misty hills in the background

The longest linear park in the United States, Blue Ridge Parkway is best visited in the fall when the trees start to change color, giving the route a glorious backdrop.

The Most Important Food Festivals This Summer

A plate of ribs from Happy Harry's Ribfest

If you’re planning on travelling around the country this summer, you’re sure to work up an appetite along the way. But an amazing vacation deserves amazing food, and that’s why we’ve picked out some of the most important food festivals happening across the country this summer.

Taste Of Chicago (Wednesday, 5th – Sunday, July 10th)

This outdoor food festival is about so much more than just the grub, as Taste Of Chicago is also home to a number stages where you can see some of the best bands in the US as well as up and coming artists from the Windy City. But don’t think for a second that the food takes a backseat, as the festival has been playing host to the best food around since 1980!

A photo of the entrance to the Taste Of Chicago festival

Set right on the waterfront, Taste Of Chicago is one of the best places to be when the sun’s out as its warm atmosphere and welcoming staff make it one of the best food festivals in the world.

Boston Seafood Festival (Sunday, August 13th)

Held right in the heart of the Seafood District (where else!), the Boston Seafood Festival is a celebration of the all the seafood found in the Boston area. The festival was started in 2012 by a man named Christopher Basile who has always placed a strong focus on sustainability and the festival looks to create a healthy attitude towards fishing.

Trays of shrimp with sauce and lemon wedges from the Boston Seafood Festival

There’s loads of activities to check out with regular chef demos held throughout the day as well as competitions and plenty of delicious food stalls.

Cherry Festival (Saturday, 1st – Saturday, July 8th)

All of you out there who love to vape Cherry will definitely want to check out the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City in northern Michigan. The self-proclaimed “Cherry Capital Of The World” began informally around 1910 and has since grown into one of the country’s most loved food festivals.

A close-up of many plastic trays of cherries

The National Cherry Festival has a number of great traditions including parades and the crowning of a National Cherry Queen. The festival has also managed to make it into the record books as in 1987 it helped set the record for the world’s largest cherry pie. The pie was over 17 feet wide and weighed 28,350 lbs – we hope they were hungry!

Maine Lobster Festival (Wednesday, 2nd – Saturday, August 6th)

Rockland will host the Maine Lobster Festival for the 70th year in a row this summer, and it’s easy to see why the festival has lasted such a long time. Over 30,000 people attend the Maine Lobster Festival every year to try some of the most mouth-watering lobster in the state with more than 20,000 pounds of lobster eaten each year!

A huge lobster float from the Maine Lobster Festival

The Maine Lobster Festival is also home to an amazing carnival complete with everything you need for a real slice of Americana.

Happy Harry’s Ribfest (Wednesday, 7th – Saturday, June 10th)

Barbecue-lovers will want to make sure that they don’t miss Happy Harry’s Ribfest in Fargo, North Dakota. Home to some of the finest barbecue from across the country since 1996, Happy Harry’s Ribfest also has live music in the evening and great activities for kids during the day.

A plate of ribs from Happy Harry's Ribfest

Rib cookers come from as far as Texas, Pennsylvania and Florida, and they’ll all want to make sure their ribs come out on top so you can be sure it’ll be a feisty affair!

LA Food Fest (Saturday, June 10th)

Purveying some of the best food trucks and pop-ups from across the country, LA Food Fest is enjoying its eighth year this summer and it doesn’t take long to figure out why! A ticket gets you into the event for five hours, during which time you can eat and drink as much as you can handle. There’s also a prize drawing, five different craft beer gardens and tons of cool attractions to check out.

A burger and fried chicken platter from the LA Food Festival

Vapers heading to the event need to bear in mind that vaping isn’t allowed inside the venue and there’s no readmission, so you won’t be able to head outside for a vape break.

Natural Wonders In The US

A wide photograph of the Garden Of The Gods

We all know that the likes of the Grand Canyon and Niagra Falls make for great vacation spots, but what if you’re after some amazing natural phenomena and scenery that you never even knew were there? Here we look at some of the natural wonders found across the U.S. that you may never have heard of until now!

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

The longest cave system in the world is right here in our back yard, and at over 400 miles long Mammoth Cave rightly hosts some of the most stunning caves you’ll ever see. There are plenty of sights to see inside the cave such as Fat Man’s Misery and Tall Man’s Misery – we’ll leave you to figure why they were given these names!

A large group of people attending a tour of Mammoth Cave

Crater Lake, Oregon

Forged in the collapse of the massive volcano Mount Mazama, this caldera lake is the deepest lake in the U.S. with a depth of nearly 2,000 feet. Crater Lake has no rivers flowing in or out of it and has no fish, giving the water an eerily still feel. This feeling is added to by the Old Man of the Lake, a 30 foot-long tree stump that has been floating vertically in Crater Lake since before the turn of the 20th century!

A photograph of Crater Lake showing a small island within the lake itself

Northern Lights, Alaska

There are few sights comparable on Earth to that of the Northern Lights dancing against the clear night sky. The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis as it is also sometimes called, is said to happen when solar flare particles come through the Earth’s magnetic field, although scientists are still not entirely sure why this results in light being emitted. What is for sure is that the Northern Lights should be on everyone’s bucket list.

A photo of the Northern Lights

Palouse Falls, Washington

A few miles upstream from where the Palouse River meets Snake River, Palouse Falls is a spectacular waterfall that sits beautifully against the rocky outcrop surrounding them. However, for some people the natural beauty alone is not quite enough. Kayaker Tyler Brandt set a world record when he kayaked over the falls, although at nearly 200 feet tall, we’d recommend you leave the kayaking to the professionals!

An aerial shot of Palouse Falls

Eternal Flame Falls, New York

Not quite as tall as Palouse Falls but jaw-dropping nonetheless, Eternal Flame Falls emits natural gas from behind the bottom of the falls which can be set on fire. This small flame can be seen through the falls and must be re-lit when it goes out to avoid a build up of natural gas.

A close-up of the Eternal Flame

Garden Of The Gods, Colorado

The Garden Of The Gods combines harsh, red rock formations against thick green foliage to produce a truly stunning national park. Home to a number of geological wonders such as the Balanced Rock and Sentinel Spires, the Garden Of The Gods is a photographer’s dream as it also sits in front of the foreboding Cheyenne Mountain.

A wide photograph of the Garden Of The Gods

blu’s Guide To Vaping At Festivals

A crowd looks on in front of a stage at a festival.

Come rain or shine, many people will find themselves spending the summer months miles from home in search of music and fun. But for vapers planning on heading to a festival, there is one important question: can you vape at festivals?

The answer in general is yes, but with the added note that it is usually only allowed in open spaces. If you’re unsure about vaping at the festival you are attending, we’d always recommend getting in touch with the festival organizer. Part of the festival experience is surviving without the comforts of home, so for anyone new to vaping at festivals, we’ve put together a few tips on how to clean and charge your e-cigarettes at a festival.

Three people sit on a verge watching music at a festival.


Whether it’s dusty or muddy, we can all get a little dirty at festivals, but one thing you need to look after is your e-cig! Wiping down an e-cig as often as possible with a paper towel will help keep it clean. Check the terminal between the Rechargeable Device and the tank or clearomizer to make sure it’s clean too, as your e-cig might stop working if it gets dirty.

Also, remember to wipe down the mouthpiece to make sure you have a tasty vape rather than a mouthful of dust! It’ll also help your e-cig keep producing vapor to the best of its abilities.

When cleaning a blu PRO, we’d recommended disassembling your e-cig before cleaning so that you don’t get any water on your battery. Unscrew the clearomizer from the battery and then unscrew the mouthpiece from the top. Next, carefully pour a small amount of water into the clearomizer until it is about half full before placing your thumb over the top. Shake the clearomizer rigorously for a few seconds before emptying the water. Wipe down the clearomizer thoroughly before reassembling your e-cigarette. This will clear out any residual e-liquid inside your clearomizer.

If cleaning doesn’t appeal to you, you can purchase a second clearomizer and switch between them. This will help ensure you’re still getting a nice vape without repeatedly having to clean your device.

A crowd of people dancing next to a lake at a festival.


Some festivals offer hubs where phones and e-cigarettes can be charged, but make sure to get there early as the queues can fill up pretty fast! If you’re using the blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Kit, you can recharge your e-cig by putting it in the case. The case can also carry two spare batteries and a USB cable to charge the pack.

To avoid running out of batteries, e-liquid or tanks, vapers can also bring spares. blu® Disposable e-cigs don’t require charging or refilling as they come pre-charged and can be thrown away once finished. Vaping a disposable may the perfect option for festivals!

blu’s Fan Of The Month Winner: May

An image of Craig, blu's latest Fan Of The Month

Each month, we like to recognize of our loyal vapers just to show how much we appreciate you!  For a chance to be featured as “Fan of the Month”, fill out our questionnaire and tell us: What makes you stand out from other blu vapers? You’ll get the chance to appear on the blu blog and you’ll receive a $100 Amazon gift card!

Meet our June Fan of the Month: Craig R

blu: How long have you used blu?

Craig: I’ve been using blu for about 3 years.

What’s your favorite blu product?

The blu PLUS+™.

What’s your favorite flavor and why?

I prefer cherry flavor.

Tell us about your experience with blu and how it’s impacted you day to day?

My clothes don’t smell like an ashtray.

You have the entire day to spend doing whatever you want. How do you spend it?

I would spend the day with my family fishing or relaxing at the pool with a drink in one hand and a blu in the other

Where are your go-to vaping spots?

Everywhere except restaurants.

How Do bluNation® Points Work?

The American flag with the bluNation logo

One of the best things about being a part of bluNation® is that you can earn points that can later be used to save you money on blu® products in the future. But how do bluNation® points work? Here we look at what your bluNation® points are worth, how to use them and some of the special ways you can earn even more!

How Do I Earn bluNation® Points?

Every time you buy a blu® product online, be it an e-cig like the blu PRO™  or one of our e-liquids, you’ll earn points that will be automatically stored in your account. You’ll also earn points when you buy blu® products in store, and all you need to do is redeem the code found inside the pack online. Just head to the Loyalty Dashboard and enter the rewards code in the box under the heading Code Redemption.

An image showing where bluNation subscribers can view the number of points in their account

An image showing where bluNation users can input a code to earn points from offline purchases

By heading to this page, you can also check how many points you currently have.

So How Many Points Will I Earn When I Buy?

For every 20¢ you spend, you’ll earn a bluNation® point. To put this in perspective, if you were to buy a blu PRO™ Kit and 3 bottles of blu® Liquid, you would earn 285 bluNation® points. Below we’ve included a table that shows how much you can save based on how many points you have.

An image showing the value of bluNation points

It’s worth bearing in mind that if your order has a discount applied to it, the amount of points you’ll earn will be based on your reduced subtotal rather than the amount before the discount.

How Much Are My bluNation® Points Worth?

For every 100 bluNation® points you have, you can save a dollar on your order. At the checkout you’ll be asked to enter the number of bluNation® points you’d like to redeem before completing your order. So if you’ve got a lot of points but would like to save some for later, that’s totally up to you.

An image showing where users can choose to enter their bluNation points at the checkout page

It’s also good to remember that if you’ve got a discount applied to your order, (for example if you’ve got 15% off blu PLUS+™ Tanks for buying 5 or more) you can still get a reduction on your order by redeeming your bluNation® points and it won’t affect the discount.

Are There Are Any Other Ways Of Earning bluNation® Points?

Just by signing up to bluNation®, you’ll start collecting points in your account. Building your profile will also give you points.

You can earn extra bluNation® points by connecting to blu with your social media accounts. Syncing your Facebook and Twitter profiles with blu will earn you an extra 100 points for each, and every day you can earn a further 5 points for every time you retweet blu and every time you use the hashtag #bluNation. All of the different ways of earning bluNation® points are listed below.

A list of ways to earn bluNation points