Traveling With Your E-Cigarettes: Can I Vape On A Train?

When it comes to mass transit, e-cigarette use is often prohibited. Vaping is currently banned aboard many trains and platforms in the US, as Amtrak has announced that e-cigs can’t be used either on board the train or while you’re waiting on the platform. Furthermore, if the state or local government has banned vaping in public spaces (as is the case in New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago), you’ll have to wait until you’re off the train, off the platform, and onto neutral territory – i.e. the street – to use your e-cigarette. The same goes for the rail system across the pond, as signs prohibiting e-cig use popped up in train stations across Great Britain in recent years.

In spite of this, traveling by train is a little easier for vapers as your e-cigarettes won’t draw as much scrutiny before you climb aboard. So unless you’re catching a train to the Great White North, you can take as much e-liquid as you can carry!

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