Traveling With Your E-Cigarettes: Can I Vape On A Cruise?

For vapers looking to take a cruise, most cruise liners have designated areas where you’ll be allowed to vape. Depending on the ship these areas can be either indoors or outdoors, so don’t assume that just because you’re on deck you’re ok to vape.

Carnival allows vaping in common areas such as its casinos and nightclubs. Royal Caribbean states that you can use e-cigarettes in designated outdoor areas on the starboard side of the ship with the exception of its Oasis-class ships, although it’s worth noting there aren’t any indoor vaping areas. Princess Cruises allows you to vape in your room (although not on the balcony) and in designated areas across the ship. Costa Cruises has a similar policy, as e-cigarettes can be used in your room and in certain areas like the cigar lounge. Vaping regulations tend to vary depending on the company you’re traveling with, so make sure to do plenty of research before you set sail to find the right holiday experience for you.

Before you pack your bags, you’ll want to make sure you’ve planned ahead and taken enough e-liquid to last you the entire trip. There usually aren’t restrictions on liquids in personal luggage on cruise ships, although it’s always best to check with the travel company prior to your trip. You can also check where your ship is due to make port and grab some blu® Liquid or Tank refills when you’re back on dry land.

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