How To Store Your E-Cigarette

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Knowing how to store your e-cigarette correctly usually involves making sure it stays away from bright light and heat as well as keeping it safe. Here we take a closer look at how to make sure your e-cig is stored safely.

There are three main points you need to remember to store your e-cigarette:

  1. Keep the e-cigarette upright.
  2. Find the right protection.
  3. Keep it away from bright lights and heat.

Keep The E-Cigarette Upright

People look more confident and appealing when they stand up straight, and so will your e-cig! Storing an e-cigarette by placing it on its side or upside down could cause the device to leak, and this will deplete your e-liquid. Furthermore, this will also make it easier for dust and dirt to get inside the e-cigarette. Keeping your e-cig upright will negate this risk and help your device stay nice and clean.

Find The Right Protection

Finding a good way to store your e-cigarette safely will go a long way to making sure it continues to produce vapor efficiently. For many people a handy solution can be found at home, as slender e-cigs can fit into household items such as a toothbrush holder, mug or glass. Alternatively, you could store your e-cigarette in the case provided in one of our blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Kits.

Keep It Away From Bright Lights and Heat

Make sure to store your e-cigarette away from direct sources of light. It is also advisable to store your e-cig at room temperature, so make sure it’s kept away from the heater. The same goes for e-liquid as prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can damage its taste.

How To Avoid Flavor Ghosting

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Flavor ghosting, also known as flavor creep, is one of the most common frustrations for vapers who use e-liquid. But what exactly is flavor ghosting and what can vapers do to counter its effects?

What Is Flavor Ghosting?

Flavor ghosting describes occasions when you can detect a previously-used flavor when vaping a new flavor. So, for example, if you’ve previously vaped Cherry and then switch over to Blueberry, you’re experiencing flavor ghosting if you can taste hints of the Cherry in the Blueberry. Flavor ghosting is something only experienced by those who use e-liquid as if you’re using tanks, you just throw away what you’ve previously used. But what can e-liquid vapers do to stop flavor ghosting?

How Do I Prevent Flavor Ghosting?

The best way to avoid flavor ghosting is to have different clearomizers for each different flavor that you like to vape. When you switch flavors, simply switch the clearomizer and you won’t encounter the problem at all.

If you happen to only have one clearomizer to hand, you can clean the clearomizer you have to try and get rid of the previous flavor. A good method for cleaning the blu PRO™ Kit is given below.

  1. Lay out a few paper towels on a flat surface in your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever you have a sink and running water available, and keep some spare.
  2. Take your blu PRO™ Kit apart by unscrewing the mouthpiece from the clearomizer and the clearomizer from the battery. This will leave the three core parts of your blu PRO™ Kit as separate entities.
  3. Turn on your tap at a low level so there’s a gentle stream of warm water coming out.
  4. Swill out your mouthpiece to remove any lingering flavors. Dry with one of your paper towels and leave it standing up on the paper towels you’ve laid out.
  5. Place your clearomizer under the running water until it’s filled with water.
  6. Place your thumb over the top of the clearomizer and shake for a few seconds. Empty the water and repeat the step 3-5 times or until the water you’re pouring out of the clearomizer stops being cloudy – the cloudier the water, the more e-liquid there is in the clearomizer.
  7. Once done, scrunch up a kitchen towel sheet into a long, thin pipe. Gently push this down into the clearomizer to soak up remaining water droplets.
  8. Place the clearomizer on one of the paper sheets, face down, so the device is standing on its open end. This will allow the remaining water to drip down and get soaked up by the towel.

It’s best to perform this method before you go to bed, that way you can leave your clearomizer to dry overnight and it’ll be ready to use in the morning. Just reattach the clearomizer to the battery, pour in your new e-liquid, and screw the mouthpiece back to the top of your clearomizer and you’re ready to go.

Can I Vape At Baseball Stadiums?

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For any vapers heading down to the ballpark, there is one major question to answer before the action starts: can I vape at baseball stadiums?

The answer is yes and no. While there aren’t any MLB franchises that allow vaping in the stands, many are flexible and, although there are vaping restrictions, vaping is permitted in specific areas of the stadium. Among those who don’t allow vaping inside the stadium, there are a few franchises who will let vapers out of the ground to vape before returning. Unfortunately there are some grounds where vaping restrictions are strict. Rule breakers could be denied re-admission, so prepare as best as you can before heading to any of these stadiums.

It is worth bearing in mind that some states and localities may have vaping regulations. For more information on these laws check out our article on State-By-State Vaping Regulations.

We’ve taken a look at the vaping restrictions for all the Major League teams and put them into this table to make it easy for you to get a quick understanding of the regulations.

Vaping At Major League Baseball Stadiums | blu

blu’s New Website Is Live!

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As Dr. Frankenstein once famously said, “It’s aliiiiivvvveeee”. No need for pitchforks or torches though as our new website isn’t scary. In fact, we made the video above to give you the low down on all the big changes we made. So give it a watch and then be sure then explore our new website for yourself. Once finished, let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter but please keep the pitchforks and torches at home.

Why blu? Hear It From Our Customers!

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If you’re thinking of switching to vaping, you may be a little skeptical. We think blu is the best thing since sliced bread (heck it might be better!). Don’t take our word for it though; see what real blu users have to say about the benefits of vaping.

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A Guide To Buying Gifts For Vapers

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We’ve all been there: minding your own business at work and starting on your second cup of coffee when you glance at the calendar and realize there’s only a few weeks left to find that perfect gift for someone you love.

If you’ve got a vaper in the family, trying to find the perfect gift for them can be tricky. You find yourself on an e-cigarette site and are suddenly confronted with an array of clearomizers, vaporizers, tanks, batteries, and so on. With so much terminology and all the different devices to process, it can get a little overwhelming.

blu is sympathetic to these struggles, so to help out we’ve put together a guide for non-vapers on what all the vaping terminology means and give you advice on what the most appropriate gifts for your friends and family might be.

Types of E-Cigarette

There are two types of e-cigarette – open and closed system e-cigs. These terms refer to how the e-liquid (which we will come onto later) is vaped. For more information on the differences between open and closed system e-cigarettes, take a look at our Explore Vaping section.

The best way to check which e-cig your partner, friend or family member has is to look on the side of the device. If the e-cig has a clear window on the side, then it’s an open system e-cigarette. the clear window is a part of the clearomizer, and only open system e-cigs use clearomizers.

blu E-Cigarette Comparison Chart | blu

The blu version of the open system e-cigarette is called the blu PRO™ Kit and comes with all the component parts needed and a bottle of Tobacco flavor blu® Liquid. The blu PRO™ offers a long, powerful vape with an intense flavor.

If your blu® e-cigarette does not have a clear window on its side, it’s a closed system e-cig. Some closed system e-cigs use tanks to hold the e-liquid and these can be unscrewed and detached from the device. The other type of closed system e-cig are disposable e-cigarettes, which have no removable parts and so cannot be taken apart; all the liquid is already contained within the e-cig. Checking whether the tank can be unscrewed or not is the easiest way to tell these two apart.

The blu PLUS+™ is our model of the closed system e-cigarette and is available either with a Rechargeable Case or with a compact USB charger. blu also offers a blu® Disposables range which has a variety of different flavors to choose from. The blu PLUS+™ and blu® Disposables ranges are more compact and ideal for on-the-go vapers.


E-liquid is the liquid inside an e-cigarette which is turned into vapor by an internal heating element. Without e-liquid, an e-cig cannot work, so it’s an important part of any vaping experience. E-liquid comes in a variety of flavors and strengths, all of which are explained in more detail here.

Identifying the flavor of e-liquid that your friend or family member uses is easy as it will be written clearly on the bottle. As for the nicotine strength, this amount is usually noted on the side of the bottle as a percentage. This value can vary from 0% (i.e. nicotine-free) to 2.4%. Nicotine strength can greatly affect a vaping experience, so if you need any assistance identifying e-liquid strength our Customer Care Team are always on hand to help you out.

Vapers are always in need of more e-liquid to add to their supply, so it can make a nice extra gift for the person you care about.


As with many other products, the various parts of e-cigarettes need replacing over time, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get a brand new e-cig. Sometimes you only need a new part, and that’s why we offer a number of these options to save vapers the hassle of buying multiple e-cigarettes in a short space of time.

For this reason we offer blu PLUS+™ batteries, blu PRO™ Clearomizers and blu PRO™ batteries. These products can be used to replace an old or broken part of an e-cigarette or act as a spare in case one of these parts is lost.

E-Cigarettes need to be charged, and as with your phone or laptop, chargers are all too easy to be misplaced or broken, and sometimes you’ll just need an extra one for work. We offer a number of different chargers to help vapers charge their e-cigarettes wherever they are. blu offers standard Wall Chargers and USB Chargers to suit vapers’ needs.

If you have any other questions about e-cigarettes, please check out our Customer Service section.

The History Of Vaping

A woman researching the history of e-cigarettes on a laptop

Many people around the world now use e-cigarettes every day, but where did they come from? In this blog blu takes you through the history of vaping, from its humble beginnings right up to the present day.

Initial Ideas

In 1963, an American named Herbert A. Gilbert came up with the first complete design for an e-cigarette. The device produced steam rather than vapor and did not contain nicotine. Although the device was patented and a prototype was produced, it did not receive the same amount of attention as modern e-cigarettes and was not produced on a large commercial scale.

2001 Reboot

The production and development of e-cigarettes was largely quiet in the 80s and 90s, but in 2001 a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik began working on the modern e-cigarette. The main difference between Hon Lik’s initial designs and the e-cigarettes we vape today is that the early-stage e-cigs were powered using ultrasonic technology rather than a battery-powered heating element. These e-cigarettes were also made from just three parts and there were no open system e-cigarettes. During this time Hon Lik was also responsible for creating e-liquid by experimenting with various liquids that could hold nicotine and produce vapor.

In 2003 Hon Lik patented his design and it was introduced to the Chinese market in 2004. The device was initially called an “e-cigar” and it soon developed a loyal following in China. Other versions of Hon Lik’s design were also developed and sold over the internet to the US by small companies.

Expansion and Innovation

Word of the e-cigarette’s success began spreading to Europe and the US, and e-cigarettes were being sold in both regions by the end of 2007. Early adopters of the technology began innovating and the cartomizer was invented by brothers Umer and Tariq Sheikh. Unlike previous designs, the cartomizer featured a heating coil contained within the liquid store. It could be filled with e-liquid manually rather than needing to be replaced with a new cartridge.

This invention allowed for further development of open system e-cigarettes, and in turn led to the development of the clearomizer in 2009. The clearomizer was very well received as it let vapers to monitor to amount of e-liquid in their device. Although originally a disposable component of the overall device, clearomizers were soon re-developed so that could be used more than once.

E-cigarettes were seen by many as a passing trend when they first burst onto the scene, but they continued to grow in popularity and in 2009 blu was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina.

E-Cigarette Regulation

By 2010 there was an increasing amount of legislation in place affecting where e-cigarettes could be used and sold. Some countries such as Australia initially banned e-cigarettes completely and many other countries began introducing laws to protect consumers from ill-made products. The FDA also banned the importation of e-cigs in 2009 and blocked several companies from shipping their products to the US; however, the ban was soon repealed. By 2015 roughly two-thirds of large countries had introduced some form of legislation relating to e-cigarettes.

In 2016, the FDA introduced new legislations outlining its regulation regarding the production and sale of e-cigarettes. The FDA now monitors all e-cigarette products as tobacco products, including e-liquids, and part of the regulation requires manufacturers to submit any plans for new products before they can be sold to the public. Many states have also moved to create their own vaping laws which mostly affect where they can be used.

Current and Future State of E-Cigarettes

The E-cigarette industry continue to grow in popularity, and there are now more than 9 million regular vapers in the US alone. The industry itself is also continuing to grow with some analysts predicting that it will be worth over $50 billion by the year 2025.

The journey of e-cigarettes is far from over, and it is clear that they have come a long way in just over a decade since they were first developed on a commercial scale. Before the turn of the century we could have hardly imagined where e-cigarettes would be now, and this will make it fascinating to see what the latest inventions and innovations are in the years to come.