New Flavors, New Products, And More!

An image of the new blu products, including blu tanks, a blu Disposable, blu PRO Kit and blu Liquid

We have some exciting news! We’ve launched many new products and flavors, ranging from brand new devices like the blu PRO™ kit to new blu PLUS+ Tank™ flavors. Now we’ve taken your feedback and delivered. Without further ado, take a look below at all of the new members of the blu product family.

blu PRO™ kit

It’s a question our fans have been asking us for a while. Do you have plans to introduce a refillable device in the United States? Well, we’ve been listening, and we’re happy to announce that the blu PRO™ Kit and blu® Liquids are the latest addition to the blu US family!  Our blu PRO™ Kit is refillable meaning you can refill the device with different e-liquids. In the UK, our blu PRO kit won “Product of the Year” in 2015, the first year it was on the market. The blu PRO™ features blu Smooth Flow Technology™ to create a smooth draw and purer, cleaner taste. It also comes with a top-filling clearomizer to make refilling easier and reduce the possibility of spillage.

blu® Liquids

Complementing the blu PRO™, we’re happy to announce that blu® Liquids are now available in refillable bottles! On top of the flavors you know and love in our blu PLUS+ Tanks™, you’ll also find new blends such as Caramel Café, Berry Cobbler, and more!

New Tank Flavors

If you love your blu PLUS+™ but still want to try out the different flavors, you’re in luck! All of our new flavors have also been introduced in pre-filled tanks. Some of these will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to act now by clicking here if you want to get your hands on these flavors.

New blu® Disposables

Last but not least, our blu® Disposables range got an upgrade as well! A couple of months ago we brought two fan favorites, Vivid Vanilla and Carolina Bold, to the disposable family, and now we’re introducing one more – Glacier Mint. Not only is the blu® Disposables range getting new flavors, but we decided to introduce a new nicotine strength for all of our disposable flavors, which is 4.5%.

We know this is a lot to take in but we want to hear your thoughts on these exciting new products by visiting us on Facebook and Twitter. By giving us your feedback we can only get better!

#JustMeAndblu Contest

The winner of the Just Me and blu contest James crouching in a giant bowl of Jello whilst vaping a blu e-cigarette and wearing headphones

If you follow us on social media (if you aren’t, do that right now on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) you’ll know that we enjoy running contests and giveaways with the bluNation® family. Through April and May we ran an epic contest on Twitter, with the prize being a trip to LA, and a once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot with a world-famous photographer. All you had to do was tweet us what your dream photoshoot would be that showed off your individuality and uniqueness through a photo. As always, you guys didn’t disappoint!

So without further ado, meet the winner our #JustMeAndblu contest – James!

Meet our #JustMeAndblu Winner, James:

James didn’t want anything too crazy, he just wanted to be shot in a pool of Jello. What makes this so unique? James loves Jello. We know this, because he told us he eats four pounds of it a day.

Yes, you heard that right. Four pounds. Every day.

When our celebrity photographer Michel Comte found out about this, well…he was fascinated. He knew that with James’ big personality and just a little bit of magic, he could make something really special and completely true to who James is.

We were lucky enough to spend the day getting to know James, crushing conversation while vaping Cherry Crush (his favorite flavor). He’s an animal lover, an avid sports fan, and believes that while we may not always know life’s ultimate plan, all the puzzle pieces are there for us to put together. We just need the passion to do so.

So James, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a 26 year old bachelor who lives near Tampa, Florida. I’m the proud daddy of a rescue mini dachshund, his name is Buddy. He means the world to me! My lifestyle is simple. Praise God, workout daily take care of Buddy and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Tell us a little bit about your family. What do you like to do together?

When my grandparents visit we do the chicken dance before dinner.

What’s your greatest accomplishment?

I helped build a church and a school in the Dominican Republic.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Pitcher for the New York Yankees!

What were you looking forward to the most about shooting with Michel?

His personality and learning about what motivates him!

Hon Lik: The Man Who Invented Vaping

A photo of Hon Lik wearing a suit, standing against a white background

Without Hon Lik, the world of e-cigarettes would be a very different place indeed. Born in September 1951, Lik is the man responsible for inventing the modern e-cigarette when, in 2001, he started work on a device that would deliver nicotine in the form of vapor.


“I already knew it would be a revolutionary product,” he told The Spectator in a 2015 interview. “Some in China have called it the fifth invention – after navigation, gunpowder, printing and paper. But that’s too much.”

In these early days, Hon Lik’s invention was markedly different to the one we’re now familiar with. Instead of a heating element, which is now used to vaporize the e-liquid and produce vapor for the user to inhale, Hon Lik’s initial design made use of a piezoelectric ultrasound element. It was bigger and bulkier than the e-cigarette design vapers have become accustomed to today, but it was a significant start.

“In 2001 I devised a system on a large console, using food additives as solvents,” Hon Lik told French scientific publication Sciences et Avenir in 2013. “At the time I was working on vaporization by ultrasound but the droplets formed were too big to resemble tobacco smoke. This technology is used for example in some household humidifiers; it consists of making a metallic diaphragm vibrate at an ultrasonic frequency in a liquid to create micro-droplets which then, upon contact with room-temperature air, form a sort of cold vapor.”

As the months passed, Hon Lik’s idea was refined, and a smaller, more practical device that used a heating element was patented in China in 2003. In 2004 e-cigarettes hit the market for the first time through the Chinese company Ruyan, which Hon worked for. In 2005, Ruyan started exporting e-cigarettes outside of China, and in 2007 they entered into the US market.

They were a rapid success. By 2014, global sales of vaping devices were worth just under $5bn, and that number is expected to rise rapidly across the next few years, hitting over $15bn by 2019.The majority of sales come from Hon Lik’s home country of China, with the USA contributing the second highest level of sales and Japan, Russia, and Germany making up the rest of the top five.

In 2013, Hon Lik joined Fontem Ventures, the parent company of blu, in order to continue development and innovation in the e-cig sector, an aim he’s sure to achieve. And what’s his goal going forwards? “My real passion, like many other inventors,” he told The Guardian, “is to leave some trace behind.”