Spotlight On The Photographer: #JustMeAndblu

“Try not to follow anybody. Don’t try to be influenced by other people. And risk, risk, risk!”

– Michel Comte

Bold. Original. Inspiring.

Michel Comte’s visionary photography has graced the pages of the world’s most renowned publications — Vanity Fair, Vogue, Interview, GQ and many more during the course of his long career.

The celebrities whose portraits he has captured include Iggy Pop, Gary Oldman, Whitney Houston, Sylvester Stallone, Jennifer Lopez, Giselle, Pharrell Williams, Mohammed Ali, and Michael Schumacher. Many of today’s most creative and talented individuals. Each photograph insightful and intimate, true to the person in front of his lens.

This is Michel Comte’s calling card, and why he is the perfect partner for our #JustMeAndblu competition – his ability to steal a glance behind the curtain into the genuine depths of someone’s character. From delicate intimacy to unapologetic defiance, the emotions he captures are never planned or staged. They are a result of the natural rapport he creates with his subjects.

Michel’s fearlessness has also led him to war torn countries on photo assignments for the International Red Cross and his own Michel Comte Water Foundation. Between campaigns for the world’s most revered fashion brands and photo shoots with celebrities, he has used his war photography to raise awareness and aid hospitals in Africa and Afghanistan.

To see more of Michel’s beautiful work follow him on Twitter.

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