What Is Good Vaping Etiquette?

E-cigarettes give vapers the opportunity to use their devices in places where smokers aren’t allowed to smoke cigarettes. But just because you’re allowed to vape, doesn’t mean you can or should without due respect.

Vaping etiquette refers to the unwritten set of rules that propose certain behaviors for vapers to follow to ensure they’re not causing upset or offence to non-vapers. These rules are not laws and vapers do not absolutely need to follow them, but it’s a good practice to.

There are many golden rules that vapers usually follow but here we take a closer look at most significant features of good vaping etiquette.

Always Follow Regulations

While more public spaces are open to vapers than smokers, there are still a number of areas that ban vaping or allow it only under certain circumstances. If you’re in a place with a clear ‘no vaping’ policy, or set guidelines on where you can vape within the premises, follow the appropriate policy without fail. If you’re unsure of the rules, ask a member of staff.

Don’t Vape In Crowded Areas

If you are allowed to vape, don’t vape in crowded areas. This could lead to complaints from others, and that doesn’t work for anyone: people get frustrated, the place you’re in becomes more conservative with its policies, and vapers could find themselves frozen out. Always vape respectfully.

Consider The Circumstances

Even if you’re vaping in an area that allows it, and doing so with utmost respect, the circumstances you’re in may stop you from vaping. For example, if there are children in the vicinity, it would be better not to vape: like cigarettes, e-cigarettes are very much a product for adults, not children. If you’re in a setting that makes you unsure of whether or not you should vape, consider whether it would be considered appropriate to smoke and take your cue from that.

Don’t Cloud Chase

Cloud Chasing (the act of puffing out big and voluminous clouds of vapor) has become popular among vapers, but it should only be done in certain places. There’d be no problem Cloud Chasing in a vape shop, where such activity is expected and the people there are likely to be fellow Vapers, but doing this among the general public will probably only be met with anger.

The way vaping is perceived is fundamentally linked to the way vapers are perceived. Good vaping etiquette reflects positively on e-cigarettes and e-cigarette users as a whole, so keep these rules in mind when enjoying a vape.

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