Changes Are Coming To blu Rewards

At blu we strive to always listen to what you have to say and boy, do you tell us! That’s why we’re happy to announce some changes coming to our rewards program. Soon you’ll be able to use your reward points towards blu® products sold online. That means more savings on the products you love!

Due to the demand for rewards based on blu products we’ll be moving away from branded clothing and items. We know that many of you love the rewards we offer now, so we won’t be doing away completely with these types of items just giving you more with less. In fact, in the future we’ll have some really awesome rewards including products and experiences exclusive to our bluNation® reward members.

Of course we still want to hear what you think. What would you love to have in the future? What blu® product will you spend your points on once we make our changes? Hit us up on Facebook at or on Twitter. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

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